Small College Prospects: 2019 Posts and Forwards


Posted On: 06/28/18 11:00 AM

The class of 2019 is gearing up for their last 3 live periods of AAU and heading towards their senior season. While the 2019 class is full of D1 players at the top of the class, there is a good group of small college prospects in the class as well. Here’s a look at some of the best small college prospects in the 2019 group of posts and forwards.

Vince Rankin, Ryle (NKY Force) – Rankin is strong and 6’5 but not big enough to play the post at the D1 level and hasn’t shown an ability to stretch the floor or play the wing so his ceiling is likely to be the D2 level or lower.

Deshaud St. Martin, Danville (NKY Force) – Rankin’s AAU teammate has shown a little bit of shooting ability but Deshaud’s issue is his motor not always running. St. Martin is a good two handed rebounder but is not a great athlete so he is unlikely to see college interest above the D3 and NAIA level.

Reid Jolly, Campbell County (NKY Force) – If Jolly were 6’7 or taller he would be looking at D1 offers because of how hard he plays and the level he produces at. Unfortunately, Reid is only 6’4 but he can be a really good college player somewhere like Asbury or Union College.

Jerry Davis, Valley – Davis is an extremely bouncy 6’6 forward who can really develop at the next level. Davis hasn’t shown a ton of skill but has a decent motor and his athleticism helps cover up some of his other deficiencies. Not playing AAU is likely to limit his opportunities for exposure but he could end up at a school like Georgetown College or Lindsey Wilson and be a 4 year contributor.

Alex Holley, Ballard (The Ville) – Holley’s time to shine at Ballard has come. Alex is 6’6″, long and athletic with some skill. In the right fit, Holley could be a low D1 combo forward but is likely to be a steal for a school at the D2 or NAIA level. With a big senior season, Alex could wind up playing small Division I in college.

Pete Knochelmann, Covington Holy Cross (Kentucky Royals) – Knochelmann averaged nearly 10 points and 8 rebounds as a Junior while shooting 53% from the field. Pete needs to get stronger but he’s a legitimate 6’8 post player who plays on the block and doesn’t try to do too much. Pete could wind up at a high academic D1 school but is likely to land at a lower level.