Simpson Team Camp: Ten Best


Posted On: 06/13/18 2:20 PM

Guys from all over Iowa were excelling in a variety of ways last weekend at Simpson College. Some were scorers, others were high-level defenders, some were flashy, others were fundamental. It was tough to narrow down the 10 best overall players we saw on Saturday, but below, we’ll try. 


Collin Lister, 6’2 PG (Carlsile)

We’re listing him as a point guard here, but he’s able to play at least three different positions for Carlsile. He impressively scored 33 points in a win over Clear Creek-Amana, and was using a bully-style, LBJ-type variety of skills to get it done.



Tyreke Locure, 5’10 PG (Des Moines North)

Despite now getting much warm-up time, or any really, Locure was shooting the ball as good as we’ve ever seen him. He canned five 3-balls and scored 24 points in a loss to Valley. Of course, he was doing some things at the rim that were astonishing, Locure is one of the better finishers for his size in the Midwest



Trayvon Williams, 6’3 G (Valley)

The athletic slashing guard scored a team-high 16 points for Valley in a win over North. And was relying none of his jumper to do so, somewhat rare in modern basketball. Williams is a guard who can score all of his points at the rim. When you’re maybe the state’s best slasher, why settle for a jumper?



Josiah Conkrite, 5’6 G (Des Moines Lincoln)

This was our first look at Conkrite, and we came away very impressed. He’s small, but oh so effective, it’s the quickness and skill that make him dominant, and he was just that while breezing by opponents and finishing through traffic for the Rails during a W over Urbandale.



Bowen Born, 5’10 PG (Norwalk)

It wasn’t the best we’ve seen Born play, but even when he’s off a bit, he’s still easily one of the better players in the gym. Born had a heavy load to carry Saturday, many of his fellow varsity players were at a football camp. He poured in 28 points in a loss to Fairfield, and was without question, the best player on the floor. A sure-thing D1 prospect.



Quinn Vesey, 6′ G (Indianola)

Without one of the state’s very best guards, Evan Gauger (he was out of town), it was Quinn Vesey’s show to run for the Indians on Saturday, and he passed that test smoothly. Vesey scored 22 points against South Hamilton, and was scoring from all over the court, mostly, though, he was in attack-mode and got to the line where he scored 10 of his 22.



Carson Crile, 6’4 F (Fairfield)

A combo-forward with a some good strength and a soft touch, Crile is a guy that will be able to play many different position and guard even more for the Trojans next winter. He’s got a pretty 3-ball and can score effectively in the paint.



Trenton Beck, 6’3 G (Carlisle)

The best surprise of the day, Beck averaged 3.4 points per game last season for Carlisle, but is in line to be a big-time scorer next season. He was utterly dominant against Clear Creek-Amana, when he dropped in 34 points, mostly at the rim. That was more than anyone else scored Saturday at the Simpson College Cowles Center.



Agueck Deng, 6’7 F (Valley)

He’s got more breakout potential than maybe anyone else in the state, and in a long line of Valley standout bigs, Deng looks like guy that can keep the streak alive. He’s a bit more versatile than past Valley big-men, stepping out and canning a 3-ball is something he can do, and he’s certainly not lacking athleticism.



Collin Breen, 6’4 G (Fairfield)

Two Fairfield guys make this list, and Breen is a guy that we’ve seen improve quite a bit over the last year-plus. Tall and rangy, he’s able to exploit smaller guards in the paint. And he’s not reliant on a jumper to score the ball, all eight of his points against Norwalk came from inside the arc.