Scrimmage Standouts: Underclassmen

High School

Posted On: 06/29/18 2:34 PM

Over the past two weeks I have was able to witness some outstanding scrimmage sessions. Being able to attend two Deer Park Shootouts and a session at Clark gave me the opportunity to see some very good summer action and performances. Here are some names to keep in mind for the July live period and going into the season. Here are the underclassmen who impressed.

Robbie Cass/Aiken (Class of 2022)- It was my first time seeing this young man play at Deer Park and I walked away very impressed. The son of Falcons coach Ty Cass, Robbie showed outstanding poise on the court playing with high IQ while proving to be a very good passer. And Young Cass can shoot the ball with range as well.

Chase Davis/Purcell (Class of 2022)- Another young player that I saw for the first time and like Cass he looked like he belonged on the court. First and fore most Davis showed a lot of versatility on the defensive end. He showed the ability to switch out onto perimeter players, showing good lateral movement and quick hands picking the pockets of a few Clark guards. But that versatility also went over to the offensive end as well. Chase showed good ball-handling and play-making ability in the open court and knocked down some perimeter shots as well. Standing around 6’3, Davis has the look of a freshman looking to steal varsity minutes.

Jakada Stone/Aiken (PHO C/O 2021 Watchlist)- This guy is starting to become a regular on the Prep Hoops Ohio site. And Saturday against Dayton Ponitz, particularly in the 2nd half, Stone was stuck in automatic. In transition he stopped and popped from three then used that to setup defenders and get to the rim. In the half-court he showed improved play in pick and roll situations and created quality shots for his self and his teammates. It was another solid performance for one of the best sophomores in the state.