Recruiting Report: Giordan Williams (2019)

Southern California

Posted On: 06/26/18 11:40 AM

LONG BEACH, CA—Approximately a season ago, a young gangly guard started to emerge during the Fairfax summer tournament—that being Giordan Williams. 

The Long Beach Poly standout is now a rising senior and his game has improved exponentially in the past year—especially this spring. The 6-foot-3 shooting guard is a lights out marksmen from deep. He sets up his shot well and his mechanics are text book. 

In addition, he excels in transition and is finishing with authority at the rim. His burst off the dribble is solid and he shows excellent body control as he maneuvers through defenders.  

On the other side of the floor the same story continues as Williams excels there as well. 

Williams has improved his all around game this spring

The Jackrabbits are known for their defensive prowess and Williams is part of a suffocating trio along with fellow seniors Justin Rene and Malik Salahuddin. Williams has the length, active hands, and lateral quickness to be a lock down defender. The other trait to be a lock-down defender is the appropriate “mindset” and Williams possesses that as well. 

Despite the improvements and the evident upside, recruiting is just starting to pick up speed.
“ I’ve heard from UC Santa Barbara, Pepperdine, Santa Clara, UC Irvine, San Diego, San Diego State, and Hofstra. But I haven’t been offered yet,” explains Williams. 

As Williams continues to add strength and improve his ball skills against pressure, those offers should start coming sooner rather than later.