Recruiting Report: Tyler Wahl (2019)


Posted On: 06/16/18 6:00 AM

It’s June and Tyler Wahl is using the month off from D1 Minnesota to get out and see some schools.  He saw Iowa State and Minnesota early in the week and is seeing Wisconsin this weekend.

Butler and Northwestern are two other schools showing strong interest in Tyler with recent offers. Several mid-majors spent the last year hoping they could pull Tyler in but once April his and Wahl showed his range of abilities everything changed.

When Tyler will decide has ranged from later this summer to after visits in the fall.

“I’m thinking about taking officials in the fall,” Tyler said.  I’m just getting in the gym and working out and not doing too many visits. I’ll do official visits (after AAU).  I know all the schools that are recruiting me, they’re good schools. For me, it’s really just how I fit and the relationship I have with the coaching staff and the players.”

When this was written Tyler was visiting Minnesota (Thursday night) and is at Wisconsin at the time of this publishing.  He was able to run through what he saw at Iowa State.

“I talked to Coach Berry from last fall up until he left and then lately Coach Prohm has just been talking to me directly like texts and phone calls.  He picked up right where we left off. I talked to Coach Prohm a little bit before Coach Berry left, so it wasn’t like he was a stranger.

“This visit went well. It was more just meeting people and then just hanging out and meeting with the guys. We got there at 11 and then we stayed up until like 5, so we were there for a good six hours just talking with Coach Prohm and other people.  I really like the big campus and then also I really like Coach Prohm. The guys that I met, they seem like really good dudes, so I really liked it there on the visit.”