Recruiting Report: Sam Freeman (2019)


Posted On: 06/30/18 6:00 AM

Six-foot-9 2019 Samuel Freeman of Justin HS earned a scholarship offer from the Gophers while on the trip.

CYM (Creating Young Minds) Director Mathias Crowder spoke with Prep Hoops today about the trip detailing the experience for Gopher fans.

“When it comes to an event like this we are focused on development, not wins and losses,” Crowder said.  “I the team up there so the Gophers could see some of our boys and see their development. I wanted Minnesota to see these players so they could see what they can do.”

Minnesota Gopher Team camp is a long running tradition that dates back through several different staffs but rarely in all the years has a team come up from the south for this event.  The CYM attendance was based on the relationship that Coach Crowder has with new Minnesota assistant coach Kyle Lindsted.

“Coach Kyle Lindsted, he’s a good person, a good coach, and a great recruiter,” Crowder explained.  “I’ve known him for years, I know his family and he knows my family.  Kyle is a really great person and a leader, and a great recruiter.  Kyle is a people person but also an alpha dog at the same time, a great leader and recruiter.  He’s going to bring Minnesota great recruiting.  He will recruit Texas and the Midwest well.”

Sam Freeman and his teammates spent not only a day playing at Gopher Team Camp against some of Minnesota’s better teams, but also a day looking at the Gopher campus and seeing what the Twin Cities have to offer.  “We loved the campus,” said Crowder.  “The facilities, everything was beautiful.”

The biggest headline from the camp trip was Freeman playing well at camp and receiving a scholarship offer.  Freeman isn’t a ranked prospect, he’s more of a big man on the rise entering the July open period that Minnesota has jumped in on ahead of many other programs.

“Sam is a big kid who is 17 years old still learning and still developing.  He can be a pro one day if he covers his ears and has tunnel vision.  He could go up to Minnesota and come out of there and be a pro.  Could do great things for Minnesota.

“Sam is a very good rebounder.  He’s strong, tough, mentally tough as he can handle things, and could bring a lot to the program.  Sam plays with a motor and now days it’s hard to find big with a consistent motor but Sam has a consistent motor.  We are working on developing his jumpshot, developing the dribble, and developing his ability to defend more positions.”

Sam is currently 225 pounds and 6-foot-9 and has several other programs in contact as well.

“He has offers from TCU, Houston, UTA, and North Texas.  The following schools are looking at him: Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Stephen F. Austin, and Old Dominion.”