Posted On: 06/11/18 11:47 AM

Six-foot-3, 190 pound forward Kody Schlenvogt of Rolla High School stepped into a heavy role this past winter and learned from it.  He’s now playing with the North Dakota Phenom building more experience plus receiving interest from three college basketball programs.

The Rolla Bulldogs dropped from a 13-10 team in 16-17 to a 10-12 team in 17-18 but when you consider experience the Bulldogs actually had a solid winter.

“As a team, we were the underdogs in every game we played,” Kody said.  “We lost 85 percent of our rebounding and 90 percent of our scoring due to graduation. Despite the loss of seven seniors we still managed to win some games and make it to regionals.

“As a player, I took a major step in becoming a leader for my team, a playmaker for my team, and learned to guard all positions efficiently because I was often asked to guard one of the opposing teams better players despite the position.”

When the North Dakota Phenom came to the Battle at the Lakes we saw Schlenvogt defend in many of the same ways he described during the high school season including limiting a scholarship prospect from the Wisconsin Crusaders.

“I really enjoy playing with the guys on our team because we are a very hard-nosed team that likes to play defense, and can shoot the ball very efficiently,” Kody said.  “I’d say the season is going fairly well considering we are usually playing with seven guys every tournament and have beat some notable teams from other states.

“I think our main goal going forward is to win as many games as possible and improve as a team every game.”

Kody wants to take Rolla to a high level of success as a senior so he is working hard this off-season to improve several parts of his game in preparation for the winter.

“I really want to improve on my scoring, ball handling, and strength,” Schlenvogt said.  “Our team is athletic, but we don’t have anyone that can consistently put up points. I feel I have developed a good mid-range game, but would like to continue to score off the drive and in the post a lot more.

“I am often asked to bring the ball up and make the right play, but I know there is always room for improvement on my ball handling. I also plan to get stronger during the off-season.”

Kody’s energy as a player, his versatility, and his will to improve have three colleges in contact at the moment.

“I have received letters from Crown College, SMSU, and Lake Region State College. I will also be attending Lake Region’s Prospect Camp in June.”