Recruiting Report: Kayin Derden (2019)


Posted On: 06/3/18 2:10 PM

Columbus Desales 6’2” guard Kayin Derden’s (2019) combination of shooting and defensive instincts has made an impression on various Division II programs in Ohio and surrounding states.

Specifically, Derden is talking to Ashland, Malone, Hillsdale, Charleston (WV), and Northwood. He’s in the process of planning a visit to Charleston right now. He also just returned from a camp at Malone last weekend, which turned into more of an unofficial visit because of a head injury he suffered during a drill. (There’s no long-term concerns about the head, by the way.)

He’s maintained contact with Malone this week. Derden also told us that he talks to Ashland quite frequently.

In feeling out these various schools, Derden has figured out what he’s looking for.

“First of all, the academics. I’m looking for a school that has a good physical therapy program. And then basically a team that has a chance to succeed and go very far,” Derden said.

The senior-to-be carries a 3.4 GPA and score of 20 on the ACT.

Derden pointed to “shooting and athleticism” as his best strengths as a player. This spring for Nova (Morgan), who Derden will no longer be playing for in July after a switch to Miller Factory, he ensured that his best qualities would be on display. In other words, Derden was very aggressive as an outside shooter.

“That was something I decided to work on. If you put the time in, I feel like you deserve to show what you got,” Derden said.

His choice to assert himself opened up driving lanes for his slashing teammates. As always, Derden also helped the team by communicating on defense and staying involved in the action on that end of the floor.

Going forward, Derden is focused on improving as a decision-maker and ball-handler.

“During the season sometimes I would miss a pass, or I wouldn’t see a lane right, or I wouldn’t see a screen the right. So I’ve been working on that a lot,” Derden said.

Before the July Live Period, Derden will travel with DeSales to the Denison team camp. They’re also heading down to West Virginia this month.