Jay Heath

Posted On: 06/1/18 11:33 AM

Jay Heath Jr. is coming off a solid spring with Team Melo. The class of 2019 guard, who is averaging a team-high 16.3 points per game on the EYBL, stood out on day one of the Capitol Hoops Summer League. Heath recorded 19 points and 11 rebounds to help the DC Evolution pick up a win over Bowie. He spoke with Prep Hoops after the game about his recruitment among other topics.

PH: It’s been a little while since we’ve caught up. Which schools have been most active in your recruitment?

JH: “K State and Boston College are probably my top two right now. I also hear from VCU and Oklahoma State.”

PH: Could you talk a bit about the relationships you have with K State and Boston College? 

JH: “Boston College. Coach Spin(elli). He’s a really good coach. He is a really good person. I really like them. Their offense. The education is very good. It’s a family.”

“K State. I like K State a lot too. Coach (Chester) Frazier. Their offense is good too and it’s a family.”

PH: What type of exposure have you received on the EYBL and how has that helped you as a player? 

JH: “The exposure, the EYBL is the best circuit. You get better every games. There aren’t really any blowouts. It’s rare to see a 20-point win. It’s really helped me grow as a player. Keeping my head. IQ wise, making better decisions. Things like that.”

PH: What are your plans for this month?

JH: “Work out. Visits. K State, Boston College, VCU. Just keep getting better. Winning the summer league.”

PH: That’s your goal?

JH: “Yeah. Winning the summer league.”

Jay Heath Jr. is ranked by Prep Hoops as a top-10 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Maryland and DC’s 2019 class, click here.