Posted On: 06/2/18 3:00 PM

Walter Payton 2020 wing Jabari Chiphe has gotten much stronger in his upper body since we saw we saw him during the high school season.  Smooth drives to the hoop with slick acceleration off the bounce.  Quick second jump allows him to get on the offense of glass.  Drills jump shots with a clean release on his jumper.  Low-majors need to track him in July!

Chiphe spoke about his sophomore season at Payton.

“I had a great year.  I improved a lot offensively.  I wish we could have won a couple of games that we dropped down the stretch.”

Where did he feel he improved the most?

“I think shooting off the catch.  Also putting the ball on the floor with more confidence.”

He is running with Made Men 16U this spring and summer.

“It is going well.  We are trying to get better every day especially defensively.  Get out and run which is where we excel.”

What can he bring to a team at the next level?

“I can lockdown defense.  Active off the ball.  Play hard.”