Recruiting Report: Drew Blosmo (2019)


Posted On: 06/20/18 2:02 PM

Drew Blosmo expects more.  The Garretson 6-foot-1 shooting guard puts in the work, understands what he wants to accomplish going forward, and is doing a lot of that with Sacred Hoops.

Blosmo gave his team 15 points and eight rebounds a game as a junior while also handling a big defensive role.

“Our high school season as a team didn’t go as planned, we lost a lot of close games but overall I think we improved and have a lot to look forward to,” Drew said.  “I think I improved my game in many ways last season not only having my best offensive season yet, but I think my defense improved a lot as well.”

Drew spends time working out with Sacred Hoops and also playing with the 17u team at Sacred Hoops, the East River group.

“This summer season with Sacred Hoops is going great, we have an amazing coach that pushes all of us,” Blosmo said about Allan Bertram of Sacred Hoops.  “We’ve been pretty successful in all of our tournaments as a team, and individually with the help of the coaches I’ve improved on everything from basketball skills to being a great teammate.

“This summer I think we all have the same thing in mind and that’s just to get better as not only individual players but as teammates and help our teams as much as we can.”

How does Drew want to get better as the summer moves on?

“I would like to take my game to the next level in terms of becoming a more complete player but also help put my teammates in situations to succeed. I am working on becoming stronger and more versatile in terms of shooting off the dribble, attacking the rim.”

With all of his hard work and training, Blosmo also has to get ready for a big football season at Garreston.  That season could bring football options for college much like Drew has a school calling for his basketball ability.

“I have been in talks with Dakota State for basketball and am hoping to gain some others. I have also been in contact with a couple local South Dakota schools for football.”

The hoop season was tough at Garretson but football was a different story as Blosmo, a wideout and defensive back, led his team to a 7-3 season.