Recruiting Report: Charles Thompson (2019)


Posted On: 06/5/18 11:00 AM

Charles Thompson had a solid debut at Capitol Hoops Summer League last week. The class of 2019 forward, who will be a vital part of the St. Stephens & St. Agnes basketball program this upcoming season, recently caught up with Prep Hoops to discuss his overall game and recruitment.

PH: Talk about the spring with Team Takeover. How have you improved since the season? What type of impact has that had on you this spring?

CT: “Takeover has been great. We’ve been winning since 16U, and that group just basically came to 17U and is doing the same thing. We’re 16-0 right now, and we’ve got a lot of momentum going into Peach Jam. I can’t wait until we get back together.”

PH: How has your role expanded in your time at St. Stephens & St. Agnes?

CT: “Just like all the guys on my Takeover team, I’m the guy at my school. So I have to be the leader. I have to be the energy guy. I have to talk. Communicate. I have to be everything for them. And I know my teammates have my back.”

PH: What’s the most underrated part about your game right now?

CT: “My handles. I’m trying to get it together, and I’m trying to get focused because I know I’m most likely not going to play big in college. So I’ve gotta be able to play on the perimeter. And people are sleeping on my perimeter defense, so I have to get better at that too.”

PH: Along with your perimeter defense, what else are you working on?

CT: “Probably talking more. Being more aware of where I am on the court. And shooting definitely.

PH: How long is your wingspan?

CT: “If I had to guess, it’s around the same as my father. 7’0. I know my father (Tony “The Tiger” Thompson) had the largest wingspan in the heavyweight division.”

PH: Who’s recruiting you the hardest right now for basketball?

CT: “I would say Columbia. They’ve been on me a lot. And they’ve been talking to me almost every day. I’ve been chatting back and forth with them.

PH: Do you still play football?

CT: “Yes.”

PH: What position?

CT: “Tight end. D End. Wide Receiver.”

PH: Are you getting recruited for that?

CT: “I have interest from Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia Tech.”

PH: Could you tell us a bit more about your football background?

CT: “Really my main sport starting off was football. But I don’t know what it is now. I really just started playing basketball in like eighth grade. Right now I’m leaning towards basketball. I already told my football coach and everything that I might just play basketball. I’m not too sure yet though.”

PH: What are your plans for June? Are you visiting any schools?

CT: “I’m going to Hoop Group during July. Right now the only thing I have planned is an unofficial to Mount St. Mary’s on Wednesday.”

PH: What do you think you can bring to a college program?

CT: “Energy. Leadership. Regardless of my role. I could be a starter. I could be the last man off the bench. I will always bring energy to the team.”

Charles Thompson is ranked by Prep Hoops as a top-20 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Virginia’s 2019 class, click here.