Recruiting Report: Brandon Adelman (2019)


Posted On: 06/27/18 8:26 AM

Brandon Adelman has physical gifts in the backcourt that many others don’t.  His production and skill level for New London-Spicer and the Minnesota Comets all sets him apart.

The Wildcats were one win away from the 20-win season that so many programs cherish.  New London-Spicer was two points away from playing in the section title game and coming into this winter NLS will be the section favorite.

“For my senior year we have big expectations,” Brandon said. “We are a senior heavy team and our grade has been pretty good in the past years so we expect to have a good season. We have our sights set on the state tourney for sure.”

Adelman, Ryan Wyganowski, and Ander Arnold all scored in double figures last season and all return.  You’ve seen Brandon play on the 17U circuit, there is no way you’ve missed the many videos of Wyganowski on Twitter, and Arnold is the third guy that gets things done when defenses focus on the other two.

Over the years we’ve seen Brandon progress in many ways and heading into the final year Adelman wants to work himself to being an even higher level player.

“I want to improve at everything for my senior season,” Brandon said. “I want to dominate games next year and do whatever I can for my team to win. I think my leadership role will be a lot more important now that I’m a senior and I think I have to step up there. Also just scoring more as well as setting up my teammates, rebounding, and playing defense better too.”

Schools have seen Brandon do many of these things with the Minnesota Comets and will likely be in the stands this week at the Great Plains Alliance to see him perform again.

“This season of AAU has been good so far,” Brandon explained.  “It’s been great playing against great competition and seeing how you can do against top players from around the country. My teammates have been great to play with and be around as well.

“This summer we are hoping to have a full roster which we didn’t have much in the spring with injuries and other things, so we are excited to be back at full strength. We hope to put a good run together here at the end of the season and I think we can do that.”

Brandon is one of the players that could be on the verge of a D1 offer.  Right now nine players from Minnesota have received D1 offers, and we know there will be more.  Who will it be? Could be many.  Could be Adelman.

“I have recently received an offer from Truman State for basketball,” Adelman explained. “Other schools that have been talking to me the most for basketball are Cornell, American U, Drexel, North Dakota State, South Dakota, North Dakota, and then a majority of the NSIC D2 schools as well.

“I’ve also been hearing from some of the same schools for football too. I plan to visit Truman State sometime this summer. I was just at St. Cloud State for their basketball camp. I am going to NDSU for their camp. I am going to Drexel and Cornell for visit/camp. Also planning on going to American U for a visit/camp.”