Rankings Update: Class of 2020


Posted On: 06/15/18 12:54 PM

For the simple fact that we strive to inform coaches, fans, and players going into July, we’ve decided to provide a rankings update. Today marks the release of our new 2020 rankings. Although this class’s list has less shake-up than the 2019s, plenty of prospects moved up or down in a significant way.

Two months of spring ball provides us a wide range of evaluations and learning experiences. Upon identifying basketball trends, talking to coaches, scouts, and otherwise we’re both seeing more players and changing the way we view the game. Today’s 2020 update provides a snapshot in time of how we see this class today.

Without further ado, CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED 2020 PROSPECT RANKINGS BY PREP HOOPS OHIO. Come back all weekend for follow-up content, similar to how we’ve broken down 2019 the last couple days.