Q&A: Laurence Dallas (2019)

High School

Posted On: 06/21/18 7:44 AM

Solid point guard play is essential to a team’s success. Laurence Dallas provides Canton Prep with a talented point guard that can set the tone for his team. Dallas is in the class of 2019. He is a top notch defender and will be relied upon offensively and defensively next season. I caught up with Laurence Dallas for a Question and Answer session.

Question:  What do you think is the biggest strength of your game?

Laurence Dallas:  My greatest strength is my defense and my ability to guard anyone.

Question:  How do you feel about you and your high school teams performance last season?

Laurence Dallas:  Our performance last season was our best season in school history winning 16 games. My performance was pretty good all around, scoring when needed and always bringing intensity.

Question:  What part of your game do you feel really developed over the high school season?

Laurence Dallas:  The part of my game I developed most was being able to finish around the rim and more crafty ways in scoring.

Question:  What are your basketball goals this spring and summer?

Laurence Dallas:  My basketball goals this summer is having a consistent jump shot and getting quicker on defense.

Question:  Is there an event you are really looking forward to?

Laurence Dallas:  An event I’m really looking forward to is summer AAU and the Endless Motor Camp coming up in September.

Question:  Who is the best player you have ever matched up against?

Laurence Dallas:  The best player I have ever matched up against was a point guard from Indiana playing for G3 Grind. The point guard was very crafty and could hit a kitchen of shots.

Question:  What do you like the most about AAU/travel season?

Laurence Dallas:  What I like most about AAU is being able to experience different competition and have different college coaches see me.

Question:  What professional player do you think your game resembles?

Laurence Dallas:  My game to me resembles most to Nate Robinson. He always brought intensity and had the heart of a lion.

Question:  What is the next step in basketball for you?

Laurence Dallas:  The next step for basketball is playing college in any division.

Question:  What is your most memorable moment in basketball?

Laurence Dallas:  My most memorable moment was playing against Temperance Bedford and recording my first varsity double-double.