Q&A: Derrick Bryant Jr. (2019)

High School

Posted On: 06/15/18 10:28 AM

Derrick Bryant Jr. is an explosive guard that is very smart with the basketball in his hands. He is now at Chandler Park Academy and should have a big senior season. Learn more about him in this Q&A.

What are the strengths of your game and what are you still working on?

“The strengths of my game are my mid range shooting and defense. I’m also a pretty good passer and I have a high basketball IQ. I’m working on getting stronger and becoming more consistent with the 3 point shot”

Who are some guys you like to mold your game after? Why?

“I mold my game after Tyler Ulis and Isiah Thomas. I mold my game after those guys because they use the pick & roll to perfection and they are small guys with a consistent mid range jump shot.”

Who is the toughest player you’ve ever had to guard?

“Rocket Watts. He’s tough to guard because he is lethal from 3 and has a very quick first step”

Who is your hero/role model? Why?

“My role model is my dad. He is my role model because he is a great family man and he always pushes me to be the best I can be.”

What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

“My favorite subject is math because, I don’t know, it just comes easy to me.”

What would you like college coaches to know about you that they might not be able to see by just watching film?

“I play great pressure defense and I have a great basketball IQ.”

What do you see yourself doing after basketball?

“Becoming a entrepreneur.”

What is the toughest environment you’ve ever had to play in?

“At Chandler Park Academy (before i got here)”

If you could play alongside one other player in the country, who would it be and why?

“Nasir Little because he catches lobs and I love to throw them.”

What are your dreams and goals in basketball?

“I just want to go to college for basketball and wherever it takes me after that is a blessing.”