Q & A: Trey Calvin (2019)


Posted On: 06/5/18 12:00 PM

St. Viator 2019 point guard Trey Calvin is a point guard that can handle it in space and is a solid shooter.  Sound jump shoot from mid-range and can hit from three off the catch as well.  Decent defender that can get a steal and take it the other way.  Low-major/D2 plus prospect.  He is coming off a strong close to the spring with Young & Reckless.  We caught up with Calvin recently in this Q & A.

How do you think your junior year went at St. Viator?

“I think it was a good year.  I got my name out there because I wasn’t known before.  We had a good season making it to the second round.  We won conference so overall it was a good year.”

How did you feel your year went individually?

“I think I played well at the point guard position and provided a lot to my team.  Scored and did everything to help us win.”

What areas have you grown as a player?

“I think I have grown on defense a lot.  Coach helped me with that and I think I have grown a lot.  Before I didn’t really play defense.”

How was the spring after making the switch over to Young & Reckless Denard 17U?

“It was good.  I like how they play fast and they have helped me recruiting wise.”

What is going on with recruiting?

“I have two visits this summer I am going to in Eastern Illinois and Wright State.  I have got a call from Army.”