Posted On: 06/13/18 12:00 PM

Oakland, California is home to a player who is known to score the basketball as easily as he breathes. William Chavarin of Bishop O’Dowd High School is an athletic scoring machine who never loses confidence in himself or his teammates. Able to put pressure on the defense at will, I spoke with the 2019 prospect about his game and his future with the Dragons and beyond.


Can you describe what it has been like to play for the Dragons and what goals you hope to accomplish in your senior season?

Playing for Bishop Odowd has been a journey. there were many ups and downs but overall it has been a great experience. I made many connections with brothers that will last a lifetime. My main goal I want to achieve this year is building strong relationships with the younger players to continue the Dragon legacy. My team goal is to win a State Championship for the program. My individual goal is to attain a scholarship to continue my academic and basketball career in college.


Are there any players in the NBA that you model your game after?

I try to attain skills from multiple players. I watch and work on facilitating the game like Lebron James and set my teammates up to score. I concentrate on my shooting form like Klay Thompson. I use my tall guard skills like Shaun Livingston. 


What do you believe is your most underrated skill?

My passing vision and ability to find the open man.


With the game on the line, would you rather be at home or on the road and why?

 I want to be on the road so I can see the fans devastated because their team just lost. 


Your ability to score the ball has to come with a ton of confidence. Did you always have that kind of self-assurance, or was it learned as you got older?

It was definitely learned as I got older. My freshman and sophomore year, i had a smaller role and less confidence to shoot the ball. I was more focused on making the right play. My junior year I connected with a trainer named Will Power and he helped me realize that I am a solid player and increased my knowledge of the game. My coach Lou Richie and Will connected a couple of times to align my development. My selection to play for Splash City with Coach Jules Milstead was key because I am able to display all of my skills on the court. All of these men are connected with my father and have my development and success at the center. The process has provided success and the success has provided confidence. Knowing my skills and that I can score, pass, and defend have set my goals to play at the next level.


What do you believe that you bring to a college program?

I bring leadership skills, an ability to build relationships, and athletic skills. Their are many things that I contribute to a quality program along with my skills.  I feel strongly about my on the court vision, shooting, and defense. I also feel strong about my character and decision making off the court.