Posted On: 06/27/18 11:00 AM

Stanley Harley, a class of 2020 point guard for the Southern Maryland All-Stars, has been a standout with Westlake at the Capitol Hoops Summer League, where leads his team in points, assists, and steals. Prep Hoops recently conducted an interview with the emerging floor general about his overall game, his goals, and what he can bring to a college program down the road.

PH: For those that haven’t seen you play, how would you describe your game?

SH: “I feel like I’m a very good shooter. I’m very versatile. I can finish at the basket.”

PH: What do you think has been the most improved part of your game since last season?

SH: “I feel like I got a little bit stronger. Going to the basket. My handles have gotten tighter.”

PH: What’s underrated about your game?

SH: “My shot. People don’t think I can shoot very well.”

PH: Why is that? Did you get better at it?

SH: “Yes. I got a lot better with my shot.”

PH: What do you need to work on?

SH: “I need to get a little bit stronger. Because people still try to put their weight on me. My pick and roll game could also get a little better.”

PH: How are your grades?

SH: “I average a 3.8.”

PH: What do you hope to accomplish this summer?

SH: “Trying to compete. That’s all I can ask for.”

PH: What do you think you can bring to a college program?

SH: “Energy and leadership.”