Prospect Spotlight: Maliek Conaway (2019)


Posted On: 06/25/18 9:00 AM

6’4 F, Maliek Conaway, a rising senior at LC Bird High School, has been showing his shooting abilities off, during the LC Bird Summer League thus far. In addition to summer league, Conaway has been lighting it up on the Adidas Silver Gauntlet, running with Team Loaded 804 17s. We sat down with Conaway after he shot perfectly from behind the arc, against Huguenot, to discuss not only his sharp shooting, but his goals heading into his senior campaign. Here’s what he had to say:

  • Prep Hoops: You shot 3/3 from long range today, is shooting something that comes naturally to you, or is it something you have to get in the gym, and constantly work on?
    Maliek Conaway: “I am a natural shooter, but I do work on my shooting; knowing what shots to take, where my spots are on the court, and shots that are smart for me, and shots I should pass up to teammates are all things I try to improve on daily.”
  • PH: Being an upcoming senior; what are your biggest goals for the upcoming season?
    MC: “Winning until the last game, and that last game being the state championship, that’s it”
  • PH: How is summer league preparing you for this upcoming high school season?
    MC: “Bonding with the team, increasing our chemistry, helping to get adjusted to not only offensive, but defensive plays are all things summer league helps with.”
  • PH: What are some aspects of your game, personally, you are working to improve on over this summer?
    MC: “Ball handling and defense. Still being a shooter, but rebounding better as well. Being a better teammate and leader; keeping the Bird tradition alive, I want the younger guys to understand the legacy of Bird basketball, and for us as a team, give them something to look up to.

Look forward to Maliek Conaway providing that shooting ability throughout the rest of the summer, heading into July, and this upcoming high school season. A team player, who’s focus is always on the team, instead of himself, college coaches should be on the lookout for this sharp shooter.