Posted On: 06/21/18 5:18 PM

Gamer is a great way to describe Landry Harris. He brings his hard hat and goes to work each game. This summer with Oklahoma Power, Harris is progressing as one of the best Oklahoma 2021 Point Guards in the state. The intensity he plays with is unlike most players. Harris plays with a fast pace finding open teammates for great looks at the hoop. On the grassroots circuit, Harris has high goals.

“My goals for the summer are to become a more consistent three-point shooter,” said Harris. “I want to increase my overall offensive production while continuing to learn how to make my teammates better. I would like to achieve a 3-1 assist to turnover ratio.”

The height of Harris will be the biggest thing holding him back when it comes to his projection at the next level. The heart and toughness he brings to the court overshadow his physical stature. The high basketball IQ of Harris adds to his offensive game. He scores the ball best off the bounce using his quickness to get to the basket. College is a few years out, but Harris is looking forward to building relationships with college programs within his region.

“I want to play college basketball at a school with a good basketball program where intense defense and an uptempo offense are preferred,” said Harris. ” A school where the athletic program is balanced with good academics, and a coach who shares my values and ethics.”

The competitiveness of Harris is off the charts. He is going to win a lot of games for Oklahoma Power this summer and Edmond North in school ball.  Harris projects to be one of the top NCAA Division II prospects in the Oklahoma 2021 Class. This July and school ball season at Edmond North will be massive to see how much his game expands over the next year.


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