Prospect Spotlight: Jonathan Diaz (2019)


Posted On: 06/24/18 7:55 PM

Deer Valley did what he we predicted they would do as they finished their season in the state championship game against Sunnyslope. While the title match did not go quite as they had hoped, they drop to 4A next season and bring back a couple of extremely skilled prospects who should aid them in making a top run in the top heavy 4A classification.

One of the go to guys for Deer Valley next year will be Johnathan Diaz, a 5’10 2019 PG. Diaz is one of the most intense guards in the state. He plays with a lot of passion which gets his teammates energized.

Diaz is one of my favorite 2019 guards because he does not back down from the competition. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and plays with a demeanor that exudes a belief that he is the best player on the court.

Johnathan Diaz College Interest

At this point, Diaz does not have any college offers. With that said, he has interest from, “Redlands, Cal Lutheran, and ACU.” He also mentioned that he has “some [NCAA] division 2s” interested.

As far as what he is looking for in a school, he noted that he wants a “school that I can be comfortable.” His comfortability is contingent upon feeling like he is “wanted there” and where he “can have a great relationship with the coach”.

He would also look to attend a school where he can have an immediate impact. Diaz believes that he brings a competitive edge and toughness that are attractive to the next level.

With that said, he acknowledged that he needs to “get way stronger and be able to make the extra pass” in order to have success at the next level.

Johnathan Diaz Projection

Diaz is accurate in that he is a competitor. He shoots the basketball well from deep and is a solid on ball defender. His heart makes up for his size. In addition to being a good shooter, he has a good handle and is crafty. He uses euro steps and pro hops well to evade bigger rotating defenders.

In order for Diaz to take his game to the next level, he needs to improve his athleticism and strength. Further, he needs to transition to more of a true point guard. Scoring the basketball at the next level becomes much more challenging for an undersized guard.

At this point, Diaz is best suited for a mid to low NCAA Division II or NAIA Division I. He stated that he has a 2.9 GPA which should keep many doors at these levels open for potential recruitment.

As far as high school is concerned, Diaz will be one of the top guards in 4A. While it is a long shot that anyone will dethrone Shadow Mountain, Deer Valley will certainly be competitive at this level with Diaz’s leadership and solid guard play.