The Basketball Interview: Darius Jones (2019)


Posted On: 06/26/18 12:00 PM

Varina 6’2 wing, Darius Jones was fresh off a 5A State Championship heading into the first live period. That did not cause him to let up. Jones, has been having an exciting spring, running with VA Havoc’s 17U squad. Known for his incredible shooting ability, Jones has range comparable to NBA player, Steph Curry, with the accuracy to match. He is often called on to provide the spark, to get his team back into games, a job he handles well. In addition to his shooting ability, Jones is a team player, able to pass well, and looks for open teammates when the shot is just not his. Defensively, Jones can also guard his position well. Darius has already began to draw college interest, and here, we spoke to him about his previous high school season, and his summer so far.

Playing in a state championship game is something only few get to experience, winning, fewer,  how did it feel?
“Winning my first state championship was amazing, the locker room was full of joy and I couldn’t believe we actually did it. As a team, we stuck together and didn’t turn our backs on each other. It was a goal we set before the season, and I’m happy to be able to say we accomplished it.”

High School basketball differs from AAU, what changes in your game have you noticed making the transition?
“I’m learning how to be better defensively, I understand the expectations of me not only offensively with my shooting ability, but also on that end of the ball. I’m overall becoming a better player daily.”

Coming off the ring, and a big first live period, your name is beginning to pick up buzz, how is that feeling?
“I’ve been patient, waiting for my shine, and time to pop out. It’s finally coming, and all my hard work I’ve put in for this, is beginning to show. I’m blessed to have these opportunities and get a chance to show why I ball.”

What are your goals for the rest of the season? Team & personal wise? 
“My personal goal is to get more colleges in contact with me. I want to finish the season on a high note with outstanding performances. Team wise, I just want us to finish the season strong.”

Besides basketball, what are some of your favorite things to do?
“I like working on my game, being in the gym. And, hanging with my guys, that’s it”

Recruiting wise, who has began to be in contact?
“Campbell, CNU, Kenne State, Catawba, Montclair University, Stevenson University, Seton Hill, and Bucknell University.

Let’s settle this, with the NBA Finals over and done with, and the Draft just occurring the other night, who’s the best player in the NBA?
“LeBron James, greatest of all time”

You can catch Darius Jones and his sharp shooting in action, as we approach the second live session in July. He will also be back in action during his senior campaign with his state champion, Varina Blue Devils. Mid & low major coaches should be on the lookout for this steal. An excellent shooter, who is a team player and knows when to pass up a selfish shot.