Prospect Spotlight: Coleman Ford (2021)


Posted On: 06/29/18 7:52 AM

One of the very best rising sophomores in the state, 5-foot-10 point guard Coleman Ford is play-maker with a very bright future.

The Timpview floor general is a guy who can score and assist at high volume, and will be a critical piece to the Thunderbirds’ success the next three seasons.

“For me, it’s making plays, that’s what I do when I’m out on the court and that’s what I’m best at. Whether that’s getting my teammates open shots, or creating shots for myself, that’s what I feel like I’m best at, is making plays,” said Ford.

“My quickness and jumping are some things I’m not very good at. I’m pretty fast, but it’s quickness that I’ll need to get better at for the next level.”

For Timpview, Ford started with the JV last season as freshman, and got some minutes with the varsity. Next season, he’s looking to up his role considerably.

“I’ve been starting this spring and summer and that’s my goal for next season. And my role is to get guys open shots, because we have a couple guys that will be face-guarded the whole game,” said Ford. “And just making plays, that will be my job.”

In the meantime, he’ll be making plays with Exum Elite 15U, one of the West’s best teams. He’s hoping he can see his recruitment start to pick up.

Right now, he got some elite camp invites under his belt, to Southern Utah and Utah — he’ll be headed to the Utah Valley elite camp this weekend.

“I love playing with Exum, it is so fun. Just the opportunity to travel all over and we have the best coaches,” said Ford. “My favorite part is the exposure we’re getting at such a young age, all of the coaches that are coming to the games, I love it.”