Posted On: 06/2/18 5:00 AM

Brayon Freeman finished the spring in strong fashion with 16U Team Loaded VA. The class of 2021 guard, who recorded 13 points and 8 rebounds in a win vs. Good Counsel on Thursday night, was one of the biggest standouts on the first night of the Capitol Hoops Summer League. Freeman recently spoke with Prep Hoops about his overall game and more.

PH: How’s the AAU Season going for you so far? How would you evaluate your team’s performance today?

BF: “Overall it’s pretty good right now. AAU season is going well with Team Loaded, we’re 6-2 on the gauntlet right now. We just had a great game with O’Connell. Good team. We got a lot of work to do. Get better as a team. I’m looking forward to contributing this season.”

PH: What do you anticipate your role being like this year?

BF: “Just a leader. Overall leader. Just stops. Defend. Rebound. Make other players who are around me better, and do anything I gotta do in order to win.”

PH: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the game in the past six months?

BF: “Strength. Strength, and communication play a big role. You gotta be strong to be able to defend. You’ve gotta communicate cause there are loud jam-packed games, so you’ve gotta be able to talk. Let everybody know how it is as a leader.”

PH: What’s the most underrated part about your game?

BF: “My jump shot. I gotta let people know I can shoot it a little bit.”

PH: What are you working on right now besides your shot?

BF: “My ball handling and getting stronger. Being more of a team player. Coming from where I came from I was more of a scorer. Gotta learn how to get others involved a little bit more.”

PH: How are your grades right now?

BF: “Honor roll! I’m at a 3.3 right now.”

PH: What do you think you can bring to a college program down the road?

BF: “A leader, and a person who plays hard. An overall competitor who is willing to do anything to win.”