Prospect Spotlight: 2021 Day’sJuan Waters


Posted On: 06/13/18 8:03 PM

We recently updated our Class of 2021 rankings for the Maryland/DC area and one guy that was not in the initial top 35 was 2021 Day’sJuan Waters. However, as the rankings will expand later on, I expect this name to be slotted somewhere in the rankings. He is a lights out shooter and that is what I have seen him do best so far in his young age. He gets up and down the court well and has the ability to play with the ball in his hands. He can attack the basket by taking his man off the dribble but for now he is definitely known as a shooter.

In the first half for his Good Counsel team on Tuesday night, he was 3/3 from deep, ““I was warmed up, I was ready to come play, I was energized, I was stepping into my shots and my guys were finding me for open shots and I was knocking them down.”

He talked about how Capitol Hoops Summer League has been going so far for him and his teammates, “It has been great, it has been a good learning experience. We have a couple new guys and we are just a young squad. We are just trying to build on a lot of things and trying to get better everyday, like this at Capitol Hoops Summer League.”

On the AAU side of things he plays for a talented DC Premier team and he spoke on how that is going, ““It has been great, I actually think we are one of the top teams in the nation and I feel like we get slept on a lot because we are not the biggest or strongest or most known team but we go out there and play against every team and I think we can beat some of the top teams in the nation and I just feel like we are a great organization.”

He is only a rising sophomore so his recruitment has set to take off but expect for schools to start taking notice of his talents. When asked what he could bring to a college program, he responded with, ““My scoring ability and my energy and just the way I work hard everyday. I can also be someone that makes my teammates better.”