Prospect Report: Carlos Stewart (2021)

High School

Posted On: 06/22/18 3:01 PM

The 2021 class is still a long ways away from their recruitment really picking up, but there has been a group of players that have begun to separate themselves from the pack, and 6’1 combo guard Carlos Stewart of Dunham has definitely put himself in position to be labeled one of the better guards of his class. Stewart is an absolute bucket getting machine, and he has shown that on every level that he has played on, and with his 6’6 wingspan and elite athleticism, he has all the tools of an elite defender..

This summer has been the first time that Stewart has been able to play varsity basketball, as he transferred in to Dunham his freshman year, and he says that it has been going well. He is going to be a big piece added to a team that is already coming off of a state championship, as the rich keep getting richer. So far this summer, he has come off the bench for them, but says that doesn’t affect his style of play. “I feel that my role is to help my team on both ends of the court. I try to bring energy with my defense and look for the right passes and shots with my offense, all the while learning from the four seniors on my team.” That senior leadership is going to begin and end with Jordan Wright, a 6’5 G with some big time college offers. As someone who is at the point that Carlos is striving to get to, Jordan is someone that Carlos can learn a lot from, something that he is taking full advantage of. “I have respect for Jordan on and off the court. He challenges me to be the best… Watching him play, I try to incorporate some of the things he uses to take my game to another level and make myself an all around player as well as leader.”

Stewart has really started to make a name for himself on the grassroots circuit, playing with Louisiana Supreme 15u on the Adidas circuit, where he has had a ton of success so far. He has had multiple games with 25+ points, including against other circuit teams, with 28 points against both EP Elite and Atlanta Celtics, but Carlos doesn’t feel satisfied. “I feel like my role on Dunham, Louisiana Supreme, and every team that I’ve played on has been the same. I don’t like to put limits on my game. My ultimate goal is to be an all around player… Overall I feel like I did well, but I’m never satisfied.”

Speaking of never satisfied, as a player that is just going into his sophomore season, Stewart knows that his development is far from over. “My goal is to continue improving my game. I not only want to be a physical player, I want to dominate my opponents with my knowledge of the game as well. I have been blessed with parents who support me, and my high school coach, Coach Pixley, challenges me to be my best and always think the game. Also having Coach Randy Livingston as my AAU Coach is also a plus.”

Stewart is a very smart, athletic, hardworking guard, and usually when it comes to a combination of those three, I wouldn’t bet against him.