Prospect Introduction: Jaquavius Jackson (2019)


Posted On: 06/6/18 10:00 AM

Jaquavius Jackson is another new Alachua-Santa Fe guard that should be a great addition to the Raiders on both sides of the ball.

Jackson said he’s been in the weight room more than ever, this summer. He doesn’t want to be a wispy guard that can get muscled, easily. Jackson’s vying to BE the muscle.

Off-the-dribble, he’s very crafty—knows how to shake away from defenders and get a quality shot, off. Whether pushing the rock up-court, or moving off-the-ball, Jackson does so with purpose. He brought a quickness and energy to the game that opponents couldn’t match when I last saw him at the Stampede Shootout, earlier this summer.

As far is scoring goes, Jackson can get you a bucket. His three-ball is solid. Driving through the lane, he’s consistent at setting himself up for an and-one to fall. On defense, do not try to launch any cross-court passes in the half-court. Jackson will leap for them.

We spoke about how his skill-training has been going, in addition to the weights. Jackson said he’s been working on getting up hundreds of shots in the gym, performing various rebounding drills that work on his DESIRE to rebound. He attacks them with intensity.

“This is going to set me apart,” Jackson said, convincingly.

While he doesn’t really have a favorite college player, he admires Russell Westbrook for his tenacity—which is something he aims to bring to the floor at all times. Keep Jackson as a name in your mind to remember.