Powerhouse Hoops Showcase day one: Paradise Honors key performances

High School

Posted On: 06/9/18 12:00 AM

Paradise Honors High School defeated Centennial (NM) 47-21 on the first day of the Powerhouse Hoops Showcase at Chandler Preparatory Academy in Chandler, AZ.

The key to the Panthers’ victory was defense, and Centennial did not reach double-digit points until over 16 minutes into the first half.

Here are some of the top performers from Paradise Honors in this game:

  • Jerry Iliya

Iliya was simply too quick and athletic for Centennial. Putting his head down, he could use his speed and strength to get straight to the basket for shots near the rim. He also had the highlight play of the game in the first half. Seeing a deflected pass heading out of bounds, he saved it backward through his own legs to a teammate. Then, racing to the corner, he got the ball and swished an open three-pointer.

  • Roy Eze

There was no answer for Eze’s size at center, where he needed few touches to dominate his match-up. Getting in prime position in the lane, he picked rebounds out of the air with ease, creating second-chance opportunities on offense. On defense, he played big in the paint, and had a couple of pretty-looking blocks.

  • Jon Jackson

Jackson was the head of the metaphorical snake that was Paradise Honors’ defense all game. He set the pace quickly, stealing the ball on both of Centennial’s first two possessions, finishing both with easy lay ups for the first four points of the game. Of offense, Jackson made plays for his teammates by getting to the basket and providing kick-out passes and drew a few shooting fouls.

  • Josh Hawkins

The small forward was an all-around pest for the Panther defense as well, especially in the full-court press. He intercepted passes and made the completed ones difficult. He rebounded well for his position, much bigger than anybody guarding him all game, and hit some open shots in the flow of the offense.