ORU Team Camp Report: Part 2


Posted On: 06/29/18 2:44 PM

Prep Hoops scouted the ORU Team Camp on Saturday. We were not able to see everyone but did see a great amount of talent at the camp. Check out what players caught our eye in part 2.

Andrew Keathley 2019 Coweta Post 

Keathley provides Coweta with a great presence in the paint. This year happens to be a rare year where Oklahoma has several talented big men. Keathley has made his mark with his toughness, ability to rebound, and score in the paint. The height and upside of Keathley have him emerging as one of the top NCAA Division II prospects in the state.

Kaleb Stokes 2019 Lincoln Christian Wing 

Stokes had been a pleasant surprise this spring on the Wing. Most are not aware of just how good he has been due to the fact he plays with Team FOE out of Dallas in grassroots basketball. Stokes has a newfound confidence about his game. He scores the ball from all three levels on the floor. The great shooting stroke of Stokes to add to his physical traits make him a valuable Wing. Prep Hoops projects Stokes as one of the top NCAA Division II prospects in Oklahoma.

Ethan Scott 2022 Westmoore Guard 

Scott is going to make waves from the first game he plays in for the Westmoore Jaguars. When put in great situations for spot up three-point opportunities Scott is money. He will enter the season as one of the best spot up three-point shooters in the state, which says a lot considering he is a freshman. The size of Scott will limit him at the next level, but he is a guy NCAA Division II programs will want to keep track of over the next four years.

Julian Smith 2019 Sapulpa Point Guard 

It was great to see Sapulpa Point Guard Julian Smith back on the floor this past weekend. The rust was certainly there for Smith with that said he will have July to prove to colleges what he can do coming off his leg injury. Smith has battled through a lot of adversity and appears to have the best supporting cast of his high school career around him at Sapulpa.

Hunter Hoggatt 2020 Sapulpa Wing

Hoggatt plays really hard on the Wing. The competitiveness of Hoggatt propels his team as they feed off his energy. The jumper of Hoggatt is silky smooth with his long frame. The consistency Hoggatt scores with has elevated his game. He projects to the NCAA Division II level.

Shemar Smith 2019 Norman North Forward 

The athleticism of Smith is off the charts. He threw down this putback dunk putting Oral Roberts in an uproar. Surprisingly Smith is flying very under the radar entering July. Prep Hoops projects Smith to the Low Major NCAA Division I level. He has a lot of NCAA Division II offers and interest but has yet to garner his first NCAA Division I offer. The high motor of Smith in the paint mixed with the improvements on his jumper has his stock rising in July.

Trey Nolen 2019 Edmond North Combo Guard

Nolen gets a little overshadowed at times on a very youthful squad at Edmond North. The smoothness and ability to do so many different things solid makes Nolen a next level player. At Edmond North,  Nolen will be one of the senior leaders the Huskies look to step up in big moments. Small colleges will want to have Nolen on the radar.

Landry Harris 2021 Edmond North Point Guard 

Harris was fantastic at ORU Team Camp dicing up defenses with high basketball IQ play. The way he can find open teammates running the offense efficiently is impressive considering he is heading into his sophomore season. The quickness of Harris off the dribble to the basket left defenders standing still. Harris is going to end up being one of the most productive players in the 2021 Class.

Hayden Riggs 2019 Roland Point Guard

Riggs initiated the offense well at the Point Guard spot. The way he can pass the ball finding open teammates was impressive. He got to the basket well using his strength to get to the basket and finish. He has some potential to get to the next level.

Micah Thomas 2019 PC North Point Guard 

Thomas is the steady hand at the Point Guard spot that PC North can always depend upon. He makes the right play consistently taking shots at the perfect timing and hitting teammates in perfect positions to score. Thomas is a Point Guard who makes others better around him. He is in for a big July with Oklahoma Run PWP.

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