NTBA Top 5 Performers

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/16/18 8:33 PM

Flight 22 Fayetteville 2019 Forward BJ McLaurin: We got the chance to see him play a few times this season while he was at 71st HS. When he had the opportunity to play on the wing, he put up some big time scoring numbers and showed what type of prospect he could possibly be. Throughout the times that we saw him play in this event, he scored the ball at a very efficient rate, knocking down treys and scoring inside the paint by taking his man off the dribble. There is a lot to like about the upside that he has, and he is a player that college should be tracking and calling at this point.

Flight 22 Fayetteville 2019 Guard Talton Jones: One of the top prospects that we saw in the building during this event. Talton has been dominating games all spring long and he continued his stellar play this weekend, he got to where he wanted on the floor and either scored or assisted on a high amount of buckets. On the defensive end of the court, he was just as good if not better, constantly pressuring his opponents into turnovers and getting into the passing lanes for steals.

Fayetteville Rockets 2020 Forward Traymond Willis-Shaw: There is a lot to like about his game and upside, throughout the spring he has put together some nice performances and will look to turn some heads going into the July live period. Westover will need him to be more aggressive and more of a leader this season with the departure of most of their leading scorers due to graduation.

Team Impact 2018 Guard Derrick Arnette: He’s headed to Davidson County CC next season and should fit in very well there, he likes to play the game at a high tempo and gets after it on the defensive end of the court. One thing that gets overlooked about his game, is the ability he has to score the ball at a good rate, he showed that he can knock down outside shots as well as getting to the basket.

Cap City Pacers 2018 Wing Jammal Farrar: Shooting wise he had one of the best performances of the day, he knocked down shots at very high rate but still stayed within the flow of the offense. He has solid height for a player at the wing spot and should do well in the correct college program, JUCO programs have been showing interest.