NTBA Fayetteville Standout Players: Final Notes

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/16/18 8:56 PM

Flight 22 Fayetteville 2019 Guard Brandon Murray: A late addition to the team, Murray was a player that helped the team spread the floor as he did what he is known for, which is knocking down treys. In their matchup with Team Impact, he knocked down two treys in a small span of time that helped spark a big time run.

Team Impact 2018 Forward Nahlija Pittman: The big man was a nice presence for the team, whenever the game slowed down into the half court setting, he was able to show what he could really do. Rebounding and scoring inside are what he truly does best, even though we haven’t seen him on the football field it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear he is a standout in that area.

Team Impact 2018 Guard Brent McDonald: In the early games of the day, he was very productive scoring the ball and seemed to handle pressure well. His ability to break down a defense is what caught our attention early and often, he got into the paint and made plays for himself and others.

Flight 22 2021 Guard Pharell Davis: He has a nice amount of potential and could develop into a very nice player once its all said and done. At this point he is a knock down shooter especially in catch and shoot situations, only time will tell how high his ceiling is but we believe he has all the tools.

Team Impact 2019 Guard Reggie Walton: Intensity is what he brought for his team in this tourney, he plays the game with a high amount of passion and pride. Whenever he steps on the floor you already know he’s going to give effort, his shot wasn’t falling but he still founds ways to impact the game.

Flight 22 C/O 2023 Guard Ceddavion Wimbley: At his young age, he already has a game that has some maturity to it and the natural ability to score buckets in a hurry. Through the games that we got the chance to see him play, he got to the basket at a pretty high rate, it didn’t matter if he was scoring the ball or drawing fouls, he kept the defense on its heels.