NTBA 2019 Standout Players

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/13/18 2:25 PM

Flight 22 Fayetteville 2019 Forward Deumbre Ginyard: Every team needs a player like him on their roster, he plays the game with a high amount of intensity and is constantly making plays. Rebounding, scoring, forcing turnovers, blocking shots, whatever you may need him to do, he has no problem with getting it done.

Fayetteville Rockets 2019 Wing Keyshawn Lindsey: Another player that you can tell is a dual sport athlete as soon as you watch him play. He has good upper body strength and outstanding athletic ability that he used to play through contact and to make plays above the rim on both ends of the floor.

Fayetteville Spurs 2019 Wing Latrell Jones: Although he was playing with an injury, he still showed some flashes of how good he could be. He got into the paint at a decent rate, and showed that he could get his shot off regardless of what type of defense he faced. The next step in his development is to improve on his ballhandling skills so that he can play some more guard minuets.

Fayetteville Spurs 2019 Guard Tre Bell: Played limited time in the game that we saw but he had some flashes of how good he can be if he works hard. He has a long wingspan and seems to still be growing in height, playing the game at the speed that he is comfortable with will be the key for him.

Fayetteville Spurs 2019 Guard Eli Harris: We have watched him play for quite some time and he will be needed next year at Hoke County to take on more of a leadership role. He can shot the ball well from deep but also has some ability to facilitate to teammates, solid overall small college prospect.

Fayetteville Spurs 2019 Forward Daunte Gardner: The way he plays the game wont necessarily wow you, but he is productive and efficient with his play. Rebounding, scoring inside, and defending bigger players are all things that he does well.