Posted On: 06/5/18 8:32 PM

The spring grassroots season was one that was action packed. Players from the “Boot” represented in tournaments across the country and showed teams that good basketball is played in Louisiana. Right here on Prep Hoops Louisiana, I will highlight the thirteen players that I have seen make mark and represent Louisiana during the spring grassroots season.

Mylik Wilson / 6’3″ / 2019 / Woodz Elite – 17U / CG

It is something to be said about a player going out during the grassroots season attempting to add new elements to his game.  When it is the top player in the class 2019, people tend to take notice.  Mylik Wilson went out and did just that.  Playing the point guard position, Wilson went out on the EYBL circuit and averaged 12 points per game while facilitating the Woodz offense.  Ultimately, he led them to an 11-5 EYBL record during the spring and showed leadership through his play.

Kalaas Roots / 6’1″ / 2019 / Louisiana Select Team Millsap – 17U/ PG

Kalaas has helped Team Millsap to semifinal finishes in each of their spring tournaments with his steady play.  Roots has improved range on his jumper past the three point line while his mid-range game remains effective.  He also uses his handles to get to the rack with the best of them.  Defense is his calling card, however.  Because he causes so much disruption on the defensive end, Roots makes life rough for whoever he is defending.  All these traits help him standout as one of the best grassroots players on the spring.

Jacoby Decker / 5’9″ / 2019 / Louisiana Select Team Millsap – 17U / CG

Decker is a lethal offensive player.  There is almost nothing he can not do on offense.  He can shoot it out to 25 feet with ease or drive to the rack through contact.  Jacoby has improved his ball distribution skills also.  Whether on the break or amid traffic, he has developed a feel for who the right person is to receive a pass.  Defensively, he is even more pesky.  He disrupts guards with his on the ball defense and gives the proper help when needed.  Jacoby is a large reason why Team Millsap has had the success it has had during the spring grassroots season.

Tramichael Moton / 6’1″ / 2019 / Louisiana Elite – 17U / PG

Louisiana Elite has won 6 of their 8 contest and Tramichael Moton has been a big part of that success.  Tramichael is a true facilitator of the offense finding players at the right time or making the proper play.  He has become a better deep threat from the arc improving his percentage over the summer.  Moton gets to the rim easier than most guards and finishes with a variety of acrobatic moves.  “T-Mike” (as he is called) will also try to dunk on a defender unexpectedly.  When talking about point guards, he is probably the best one by far.  His grassroots play has definitely given him a legitimate argument to that title.

Jerry Moore / 6’3″ / 2019 / Team Cenla – 17U / Wing

Team Cenla won the SAAU championship and Jerry Moore was a big reason why.  He is a hybrid wing who can play the post and bang with the bigs.  Jerry rebounds like a player four or 5 inches taller.  Carving out space and finishing amidst contact is one of his better traits.   Moore has the added dimension of being a flat out, knockdown shooter.  When he raises up for three, it usually hits the bottom of the net.  When Moore plays the game this way, he is a hard player to stop.  For those reasons, he makes the list as one of the best players of the spring grassroots season.

Jaylon Teal / 6’3″ / 2019 / Minden Elite – 17U/ Wing

A smart player with a high basketball IQ describes Jaylon Teal.  To go along with those traits, he also is very athletic.  Teal has the ability to guard multiple positions with his athleticism.  He disrupts offenses with tipped passes and steals.  Jaylon makes it hard for offenses to run effectively.  Consequently, Teal gets almost any shot he wants.  He can run the break, rise above the rim, and shoot the three.  The proficiency of his corner three pointer is uncanny.  Even against a zone defense, he plays in the middle of the zone and makes the right decision whether it is shoot or pass.  Minden Elite has won two tournaments during the spring season and Jaylon Teal is a large reason why.

Calvin “C.J.” Carpenter / 6’1″ / 2019 / Louisiana Roundballers – 17U / CG

Whether it is running the point or playing off the ball, C.J. Carpenter is a terror on offense.  If his team needs a key assist, he gets it.  When the Roundballers need long distance shooting, he fills that need.  Carpenter is also cat quick on the floor and gets to the rim faster than any guard on this list.  C.J. has the leaping ability of a taller wing also. When he runs the break, he can finish above the rim.  On the defensive side, he can disrupt guards whether playing on the ball or in a zone with his quick hands.  His versatility is one of the reasons why the Roundballers have qualified for the AAU national tournament in Orlando, Florida.  C.J. is definitely one of the best grassroots players in north Louisiana.

Kendal Coleman / 6’6″ / 2020 / Louisiana Roundballers – 17U/ Post

Another reason the Roundballers will make the trip to Orlando is from the post play of Kendal Coleman.  Kendal changes the game on the defensive end by altering or blocking shots.  Coleman’s wing span makes him hard to drive and finish against.  His length also helps him block or alter the shots of mid-range shooters.  Defensively, he is a stout presence.  Kendal also contributes on the offensive end.  He has a knack for tip-ins off the glass when there is a missed shot.  Coleman can also step out to 12 feet and knockdown the baseline jumper.  With his dirty work on both ends of the floor, Kendal has made himself into a welcome asset for the Roundballers.  Consequently, he is also one of north Louisiana’s best grassroots players.

Chanse Robinson / 6’1″ / 2020 / Louisiana Elite – 16U / PG

One of the best point guards in the state resides in Lincoln parish.  Chanse Robinson has led Louisiana Elite to a stellar UAA record and garnered several Division I offers along with it.  He shoots the ball really well when set or off the dribble.  Chanse also distributes the rock in areas where his teammates can finish at the rim or shoot with ease.  His ability to make the right play often is what makes him an elite guard.  Coupled with his offensive play-making is his ability to guard the ball.  He keeps guards in front and does not allow his man to hurt the team defensively.  Robinson is the prototypical point and will only get better as time goes.  His play has certifiably made him one of the grassroots elite in north Louisiana.

Marcus Jones / 6’4″ / 2020 / Cenla Storm  – 16U / Wing

Rounding out the north Louisiana all grassroots team is a do everything wing from Central part of the state.  Marcus Jones helped the Cenla Storm 16U team qualify for the AAU national tournament by doing everything on the floor.  He defended small guards, wing players, and smaller post.  He either made it hard for them to drive or to make a jumper.  On the offensive end, he grabbed offensive boards or drove to the basket to finish.  Jones even showed the ability to draw and kick.  His all around game was on full display.  Because of his stellar play, the Cenla Storm will have a great chance to win games during the national tournament.  This also certifies him as one of the top grassroots players in north Louisiana.

I did not go with a first and second team because all of these players are deserving in their own right regardless of the level they play.  When the grassroots season commences in July, many of these players will continue to show that north Louisiana produces high quality players.  These young men are grassroots stars and are worthy of the distinct of  being All grassroots players in north Louisiana.