NorCal Guard & Wing Prospects in 2020

Northern California

Posted On: 06/11/18 10:58 AM

Hers is a look at some guard/wing prospects in Nor Cal in the class of 2020 who have distinguished themselves as legit D1 prospects.


6’2 CG Robbie Beasley of Dublin HS, Dublin, CA

Beasley has a built a reputation over the last couple years as very competitive combo guard with a high motor. He’s a good athlete and a solid ball handler. He is a good passer who can make plays for others when the defense commits to him. He pushes the break very consistently and plays in attack mode.  He has a very confident pull up game, both in transition and half court. His best asset is his ability to get to the basket on the drive and finish. He goes extremely hard to the rack! He can shoot it with 3 range but can be a bit streaky at times. He is a mid plus prospect who is getting serious looks from high majors.

6’2 PG Xavion Brown of Sheldon HS, Sacramento, CA                                        

Brown has seen a rapid rise onto the recruiting scene radar after his high-level performance in leading his high school team to the large-school state championship game in late March. He is an excellent athlete with nice burst. He’s a very confident ball handler and a good passer who is very effective in transition. He’s a good driver with a nice first step who breaks down defenders consistently well. His shot needs a little polish but it is adequate enough at this point to keep the defense honest. He can run a team and create for himself and others. He’s solid on-ball defender who can guard all three perimeter positions. He also can play two or three positions. Brown is a mid plus range prospect at this point who is getting considerable high major attention.

6’4 SG Nimari Burnett of Prolific Prep, Napa, CA                                                 

Burnett hails from the state of Illinois but was recruited by Prolific Prep to come west and it has turned out to be a great move. He’s athletic with nice burst and long arms.  He handles it well and has nice floor vision. He’s very effective making plays in transition. His forte is the pull up jumper on the break. He’s a pretty good shooter with long 3 point range and a solid driver. He could use some work defensively. He also plays the one at times but is mostly in score mode. Burnett is a high major prospect (with multiple offers).

6’3 SG Jelani Clark of Archbishop Riordan HS, San Francisco, CA               

Clark is making a big name for himself with his spring performance. He is super athletic and explosive with long arms. He has good ball handling skills and excels in transition (finishes well/makes the right pass). He is an ok shooter with 3-point range who could use a little polish. He is a very good driver with a real nice first step. He has the potential to guard anyone on the perimeter and be a terror. Clark spends time at the one and makes a lot of plays with the ball in his hands. He is a mid/mid plus prospect with the arrow pointing upwards…

6’5 G/W Jalen Green of San Joaquin Memorial HS, Fresno, CA

If you are alive and breathing and know that high school basketball exists then you know about Jalen Green. He is an elite athlete who runs and jump exceptionally well. He elevates over defenders with ease. He is solid ball handler and passer and is outstanding in transition. You get the feeling at times that he is on the court by himself when he goes by defenders so readily and consistently. He pulls up and also finishes about well as anyone who plays at this level. He shoots it confidently with deep range. He’s a solid rebounder who goes coast to coast regularly. His defense has the potential that his offense currently shows and there is room for growth on that end. Green could use some physical strength as he prepares for the next level and beyond and he is a bit inconsistent. But he is an all-everything elite high major recruit and a future pro.

5’9 PG Bryce Monroe of Sacred Heart Cathedral HS, San Francisco, CA       

Monroe established credibility during the past regular season by leading the best league in Nor Cal (West Catholic Athletic League) in scoring as a sophomore. He is an ultra athletic one man with big-time burst who can really push the envelope on the break. He has a solid pull up game in the half court. He does play off the ball at times and he moves ok without the ball. He shoots it ok with 3 range and has a nice floater. His first step is very impressive and he goes to rack with authority. He’s a good on-ball defender who can create havoc for opponents. He shows the ability to create for others but his current mind set is that of a scorer. Monroe is a probable mid minus prospect for schools willing to overlook his lack of size.

6’6 W/G Dallas Rider of Moreau Catholic HS, Hayward, CA                          

Rider is a real athletic guard/wing who runs very well and never stops running. He’s a capable handler who passes it well. He finishes in transition well. He moves ok without the ball in the half court and is a fairly good driver. He’s a decent defender and an ok rebounder. Rider is a low major prospect at this point.

6’3 G/W Anthony Roy of Dublin HS, Dublin, CA                                                

Roy is a long and athletic guard/wing with big feet. He’s a decent/ok handler who can pass it. He pulls up consistently in the half court and he’s a fairly good (set) shooter with 3 range. He’s a solid driver who is not afraid of contact. He can rebound but he needs work defensively. He is a low major prospect with potential to go higher.

5’11 CG Brahjon Thompson of James Logan HS, Union City, CA                                  

Thompson is a real athletic combo guard with excellent burst of speed. He’s confident ball handler, passes it well and thrives in the open court. He finishes nicely in transition but also pulls up well on the break. He is a good shooter with 3- point range but his shot selection is shaky. He is a solid driver/penetrator who can make plays in the lane. Thompson must show more willingness to create for others. If that happens he is a likely mid minus prospect.

6’0 PG Hayden Watts of El Camino HS, Sacramento, CA                                     

Watts is a sleeper who is relatively new to the scene. He’s a fair athlete who runs the floor well. He has good ball handling and passing skills. He sees the floor well and makes good decisions in transition. He pulls up nicely in half court and is solid good shooter with 3-point range. He plays with confidence and has a high IQ. Watts is a low major prospect.