NCWC Team Camp 2021-2022 Standouts

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/29/18 12:46 PM

East Wake HS 2021 Guard Zach Sloan: There is no doubt about it, this youngster has a chance to truly be special. In the 1st half of the game that we watched him play, he scored the ball at a very high level, knocking down a high amount of treys as well as getting past his defender. On the defense end of the court he used his quick hands to cause all types of issues for opponents and even though he is not the tallest guard at this point, he doesn’t allow that to affect him much.

East Wake HS 2021 Guard Jeremiah Crudup: Another player that scored the ball at a high level for his team, he uses his speed and strength to blow past the first defender and embrace contact from the help defense. Once he got his interior offense going, then we got the chance to see him knock down some shots from deep.

Wilson Fike HS 2022 Guard Christian Battle: One of the smallest players that we saw on the court, he has a game that is mature beyond his years but he still figuring some things out. Two of his better attributes are his ability to handle the ball as well as facilitating to teammates.

DH Conley HS 2021 Center Colin Watts: He still has a ways to go to make as a high of an impact as we feel he can but the potential is there without a doubt, he does a nice job of rebounding the ball and seem to making progression offensively. One thing that we know that you won’t have to teach him is how to play hard and how to be coachable as he has done both of those already.

DH Conley HS 2021 Tremaine Pugh: Another player that has a nice amount of upside to his game, if he can lock in and continue to progress he will be a nice contributor for the team. He already has good height at 6’4 and is a multisport athlete at his school.