MISSOURI SOUTHERN: Top Stock Risers (Forwards)

High School

Posted On: 06/1/18 10:00 PM

JOPLIN, Mo. — Several Kansas area schools and players kicked off the 2018 summer camp schedule with competition at Missouri Southern Team Camp in Joplin.

The event drew nearly 50 teams from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma and featured a host of talented players.

Here, Prep Hoops takes a look at several talented forwards who stood out on Friday.

41-Trenton Auston, 6’5, F, Pittsburg

Auston is a physical big who can block shots and defend at a high level. He has a good nose for the ball and can slip between opponents in search of a rebound. He finishes well in transition and can play above the rim and through the air. A hard worker in the paint. Auston is very difficult to slow down when he gets going.

35-Jerek Butcher, 6’0, F, Pittsburg

Butcher is a smart forward who can handle the ball and put himself in a position to make smart plays on the move. He has good size and frame to use his body to his advantage when he plays physical. He has a soft touch to his shot and makes important extra passes to shooters on the wing. Butcher also runs hard and can steal the ball left and right.

22-Zane Henderson, 6’4, F, Girard

Henderson is a solid defensive player in the paint. He has good size and the strength to punish opponents in the right match-up. He has good hands and can pull down rebounds and block shots when opposing players come his way.

32-Caleb Muai, F, Girard

Muai is a versatile athlete who can sink 3-pointers and play above the rim. He has the ability to jump over defenders and dunk in transition play. Guy just knows how to ball. He has a nice bounce to his step and can make defenders pay if they give him the open look. Muai also looked strong on the defensive side of the ball. He moved his feet well and blocked shots around the basket.

Hayden Pile, 6’4, F, 2019, Frontenac

Pile is a creative forward who can score with a hand in his face as he’s falling backwards. He has good size and quick feet in the paint. Pile also has good hands which allow him to catch tough passes on the block and grab rebounds on both sides of the floor. Pile is also comfortable grabbing a defensive rebound and taking it coast-to-coast.