Meet The Players: Jackson Gammons and Jake Ledbetter

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/6/18 9:38 PM

Q: This is the first time the First 48 event has taken place, how do you feel it went and what was the competition like?

Jackson: It’s been fun, the competition has been fun, to get to compete with guys in this area and I like to get out and run so it’s been fun.

Jake: Yea it’s been great, seeing all these top guys from the Triad come out and support this, it’s been really good.

Q: It seems like you guys have really good chemistry on the floor, were you guys about excited about playing on the same team when you found out?

Jackson: I actually text him the day I found out that we were on the same team and told him that our team had shooters and I’m going to let him tell you what he told me on snapchat that night.

Jake: We have been friends since like 6th grade, I hit him up on snapchat last night and told him we (The Splash Bros) are going to unite one last time and it’s been fun, really cool experience.

Q: Spring season AAU wise just finished up, how did the first sessions go for you guys and what are you looking forward to about the July sessions?

Jackson: First session went well for me it was the first time playing on the Under Armor circuit so it was a blast to play against national competition. I’m excited about July, my role is going to expand since we lost a couple of guys like joey Baker leaving to go to Duke early. So that happening is going to expand my role and allow me to be more of a player on the offensive end of the court.

Jake: AAU is good, picked up a lot of interest, and have some schools that are recruiting me pretty hard right now, I’m ready for July to get some of those guys talking to me, June 15th is a big day and I know Jackson is looking forward to that as well. We are just really looking forward to getting things rolling in July.

Q: Who are some of the schools that have been recruiting you and what do you feel is going to be a deciding factor when you pick a school?

Jackson: Radford & Citadel both already offered me, they both have shown really heavy interest, and they are always talking to me. Mercer, Furman, Wofford, Cornell, Princeton are all schools that have been talking to me as of lately. Harvard was at my last UAA game with Team Felton, so some Ivy Leagues and I’m looking to take some visits in June.

Jake: I’ve got Houston Baptist recruiting me pretty hard, WSSU, Radford, Liberty, UNCG is another one that’s high on my list as well as Coastal Carolina , just looking for those guys to keep showing interest and to keep recruiting.

Q: If there was a player in college or NBA basketball that you watch, or that you think you play like, who would it be?

Jackson: My guy has been Steph Curry since I’ve been little, I try to mirror him and watch him a lot, and I feel like we have similar stories.

Jake: I have to go Matt Ferrell from Notre Dame, he’s a 5’7 sniper, uses ball screens well, high IQ guy, I like watching him.