MAYB Wichita Tournament Standouts (1A-3A)

High School

Posted On: 06/4/18 6:41 PM

Another small tournament in at the Wichita Sports Forum on the weekend of June 2, 2018 featuring teams from a variety of ages. I was able to get out and see a handful of prospects and here’s who stood out from HS divisions 1A-3A.

Terek Casswell- 365 Hoops 2021

Terek put together some solid minutes down low for 365 Hoops as he was able to rebound the ball well and ran the court very well, capitalizing on opportunities where we beat his man down the court.

For primarily being a low post player, he has good hands but would need to continue to grow to be an effective player down low in high school.

Kiegan Vogt (2019)- Berean Academy

Kiegan had a solid weekend on multiple occasions when I watched him. He has a pretty good feel for the game and was comfortable in both transition and the halfcourt in making scoring plays.

He showed a little range at times as well. He seemed to almost avoid his left hand on a couple of plays, once he gets more comfortable with that, he will really be dangerous with his feel and athleticism.

Landon Spencer (2020)- Hesston High School

Landon had some bright spots where he was able to convert in transition and create opportunities with his defensive intensity. He can shoot the ball but was a streaky shooter this weekend, although mechanically his shot looked solid.

Devin Rust (2019)- Berean Academy

Devin is a good undersized 5-man that is still raw in some areas but was nonetheless effective this weekend.

Defensively, he showed good discipline knowing when to contest and go get the ball and when to wall up and be more conservative. He also boxed out consistently, giving his team easy opportunities to rebound the ball and push it on the break.

Fundamentally, Devin is solid and I’d really be interested to see him play once he reps out some low block moves and trusts his left hand more offensively.

Casson Richardson (2023)- Hesston High School

Casson will be a freshman this upcoming school year but he did some good things particularly given he was playing against some players who were 5 years older than him.

He was competing every possession, running the court both ways, and made a couple of plays off the dribble that showed promise. Athletically once he gets a step faster and polishes a few areas of his game, he is someone who can be an impact guy in high school.

Cam Melocori- 365 Hoops 2021

Cam unfortunately suffered a torn rotator cuff in Day 1 of action but played some good basketball before going up for a dunk and injuring himself. He initially caught my eye for his activity on defense as he has multiple deflections from shooting passing lanes, really disrupting the opposing team’s flow.

Offensively he was able to hit a couple of threes and use that same quickness he used defensively to get to the basket.