MAYB Wichita Tournament Standouts (4A-5A)


Posted On: 06/5/18 5:34 PM

Another small tournament in at the Wichita Sports Forum on the weekend of June 2, 2018 featuring teams from a variety of ages. I was able to get out and see a handful of prospects and here’s who stood out from HS divisions 4A-5A.

Grant Johnson (2021)- Kapaun

Grant was impressive on both sides of the ball this weekend. He has the lateral quickness to beat guards to the spot on the perimeter and the offensive skill set to make good decisions in transition for his team.

He plays off two feet well and although he has a smaller frame, he used his body well in the paint.

Next step for Grant in his game is to have more touch around the rim which will open up even more opportunities to finish, particularly as the competitors down low really start to get big.

Michael Fair (2021)- Wichita Collegiate

Michael seemed like he was everywhere this weekend, rebounding the ball on both ends, clearing space with his strength and size, and getting the step on defenders on the perimeter.

Michael is built more like a fullback than a guard but his stature and strength gave him a lot of opportunities to finish around the rim and impose his will on his opponents.

Given the fact that he will only be a sophomore and is already 6’0 with the strength he has, he has a lot of potential to be a highly sought prospect by his senior year in Kansas.

Jaden Hall (2021)- Wichita Heights

Small but mighty. Jaden is definitely an undersized PG at the moment but he plays with a lot of fire.

He has range from beyond the arc and can score but I also saw him make the right pass to his teammates as secondary defenders began to help onto him in the paint.

Jarrett Baker (2019)- Wichita Collegiate 

Jarrett was a rim protector against his competition this weekend, totaling at least 3-4 blocks in just one half of play early Saturday.

With a spring in his step and listed at 6’6”, Jarrett will most certainly have a big impact defensively for Collegiate and help control the boards.

Liam Smith (2021)- Kapaun 

Liam is another guard playing for the Wichita Padres who can impose his will physically, similar to Michael Fair.

Liam had no issues this past weekend getting into the paint and finishing, using his larger frame to finish through contact.

Fundamentally very sound and I was impressed by his control and discipline on offense, making the defense work and not forcing unnecessary shots.