Posted On: 06/11/18 10:22 PM

There was loads of talent this past weekend in Wichita spread across about 20 different locations. Impossible to catch all the action but here are a few standouts representing the class of 2022.

The championship game for the 14U division featured two of the nation’s top teams in the South Dakota Venom and the Kansas Players, each having tons of success coming into the matchup.

Both teams feature a roster from top to bottom of guys that can contribute which makes narrowing the list even harder, as they’re both team oriented. SD Venom, for example, have “eight starters” as their lineups are constantly shifting and moving around based on matchups so I could easily talk about any of the eight.

Caleb Hiatt SD Venom 14U National

Caleb is a versatile prospect who has some of the best intangibles for someone his age, doing many things that don’t show up in the box score. Caleb typically plays a 4 or 5 for the Venom but his versatility allows him to do so much more than just rebound and stay on the block. He can also shoot the ball use his vision to distribute to his teammates as well.

He is a physical player and athletically can face guard smaller opponents on the perimeter and do so effectively.

Tanner Te Slaa– SD Venom 14U National

Another one of the Venom’s forwards who is very versatile and can create matchup problems for the defense. Tanner excels at being able to get his own shot and pour on the points in a hurry. However, if it’s not his day or there are defensive adjustments, he goes into his role as a facilitator as well.

With Tanner’s patience and high basketball IQ, he makes everyone better on the court by involving others and contributing to every aspect of the game. At 6’3” currently, he also does benefit from his size at times able to disrupt the opposition with his length on defense.

Trent Parke- Kansas Players 14U

Trent had a big time steal against the Tulsa Titans to win the game by a point and made big shots all weekend.

This underrated guard has a smooth game, uses his quickness to get into the lane, and uses his body extremely well for a 14U prospect. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he can really play.

Skyler Clevenger- Kansas Bluejays

Skyler is playing with 17U competition which will really pay dividends once he enters high school as that is the competition he will be facing. While the physicality of the game is most likely the reasoning for his up and down performances, it appears he is starting to adjust.

The soon to be Andover Central guard had a couple breakout games this weekend with 25 & 17 points respectively. Skyler can really shoot the ball and is starting to get more comfortable off the dribble and being more of a facilitator.

I’m no doctor but given the proportions of his body, it looks like he still has a fair amount of growing to do.

Jeffrey Wirth- SD Venom 14U National

Jeffrey is a guard for the Venom who excels defensively. If you want a clinic on textbook defense, give Jeffrey a call. Moves very well laterally and plays D with his chest and not his hands. He’s a very coachable guard who is not only a shot taker but a shot maker, displaying his ability to really shoot the ball.

He also excels as the pressure in the game rises. If there’s a critical time in the game or if the game is one the line, he wants to take those shots and loves the spotlight.

Amari Thomas- Kansas Players 14U

Amari is really putting together a solid summer of basketball with his consistent play thus far. He was a rock down low rebounding the ball and protecting the paint for the Players using his length to disrupt shots.

He showed flashes of being a point forward as he was able to push the ball down the floor and take care of it and offensively finished well around the rim like he has been.

David Alpers- SD Venom 14U National

You guessed it, another versatile prospect playing for the Venom as their versatility clearly breeds a lot of success. David is a tough, motored up kid and seems to track down about every rebound if he’s even halfway close to the ball. He is their anchor in the middle, contesting and adjusting shots in the lane.

David’s athleticism allows him to be a great rebounder and disrupt the opposing offense out of his area. He also showed he can guard the perimeter with success as well, moving his feet well.

Trey Hill- Kansas Players 14U

Trey was able to give the Players energy on both sides of the floor. Driving and getting to the line and diving on the floor for loose balls on D, really setting the tone.

He hit some big three’s down the stretch this weekend, helping secure a spot in the 14U championship game.