Maryland/DC 2021 Rankings Breakdown: Wings


Posted On: 06/20/18 5:00 AM

Prep Hoops Maryland recently posted the initial class of 2021 player rankings. Gathering a list of players and choosing which rank best fits the individual was an extremely difficult challenge, but we do our best to keep them updated every three months. Our first ever update for the class includes 35 prospects. Here we resume our breakdown series by taking a closer look at eight of the wings ranked from the southern parts of Maryland and DC.

Julius Ellerbe | Capitol Christian

Julius Ellerbe

Ranking: 3

At close to 6-foot-6, Julius Ellerbe has the size to play in the post, but the skills to play out on the perimeter. He’s a skilled handler, shooter, and passer. Ellerbe’s versatility in conjunction with his length and athleticism make him a no brainer to be ranked in our initial top 3.

Jakai Robinson | National Christian

Jakai Robinson

Ranking: 4

Jakai Robinson is a long and athletic 6-foot-5 lefty with some toughness. He is already finishing strong through contact, and will only become more dominant as he polishes his skill set and continues to grow into his body.

Devon Savage | St. John’s

Devon Savage

Ranking: 6

Devon Savage is doing a bit of everything on both ends of the court, and he still has room to grow. At close to 6-foot-5, he rebounds, makes shots, and is improving as a ball handler. Look for Savage to earn his stripes defensively as he continues to expand his skill set.

Malcolm Dread | Gonzaga

Malcolm Dread

Ranking: 8

Early in his high school career, Malcolm Dread is developing a reputation as a lock down perimeter defender as a result of his length, high motor, and instincts. He is a better athlete than his older brother, but still has to continue to get stronger and improve his offensive skill set.

Benny Williams | St. Andrew’s

Benny Williams

Ranking: 14

We recently saw Benny Williams, and he has grown to about 6-foot-6. When considering his size, skill, and strong work ethic, it is easy to see how significant his potential can be moving forward.

Jao Ituka | Gaithersburg

Jao Ituka

Ranking: 15

Jao Ituka was one of the most productive freshman in the DMV last year, and played a major impact in his team’s run to the Xfinity Center. While he may not have better long term potential than his classmate, Jordan Hawkins, right now it makes sense to rank Ituka first.

Quincy Allen | Maret

Quincy Allen

Ranking: 18

6-foot-5 wing Quincy Allen is an intriguing prospect who can do a variety of things on both ends of the court. We love his length, rebounding, and ability to shoot off the dribble. As Allen continues to grow into his body, expand his skill set, and add strength, he has the chance to become a serious mis match problem at this level.

Jordan Hawkins | Gaithersburg

Jordan Hawkins

Ranking: 22

Jordan Hawkins was the other half of the two-headed freshman monster at Gaithersburg last season. At close to 6-foot-4 with length, he is the better shooter of the two, and could still be growing. It might be a few years before we see the best basketball that Hawkins can play.