Little Big Men: Guards 6-foot And Under


Posted On: 06/25/18 11:18 AM

Al Johnson, Florida Prep

The pitbull 5-foot-9 guard has the fearless, kill or be killed mentality coursing through his veins. Johnson knows how to orchestrate offense as a lead guard and can really find his teammates at opportune times. He’s growing with a reliable 3-point shot, though he’s really a creator and defensive catalyst first. He’s shown a mental fortitude in routinely guarding the opponent’s best player, instigating tough shots and supplying constant on-ball tactics.

Rahsaan Lewis, Windermere Prep

The tough, rugged point guard is a drive-first attacker. He’s extremely confident at taking the ball to the rim and finishing with contact. Lewis needs to shore up his shot consistency in order to take on the leadership role next season. If he can do that, he’ll be the bulwark of a traditionally tough Windermere program. He’s got the defensive tenacity and shiftiness to really be a difference maker.

Yohamid Rodriguez, Coral Gables

The crafty 5-foot-10 guard is smooth beyond his years with his handle, ability to lead the break, and natural instincts at the guard position. He can play either guard spot and protects the ball exceptionally well, a factor which makes him a leader in the assist to turnover compartment. While his shot is still a work in progress, he’s got Rodriguez has every other tool to become yet another talented Puerto Rican guard out of the Miami area.

Greg Gallon, The First Academy

The Class of 2018, 5-foot-10 guard’s IQ and ability to see the floor are the first aspects of his game that garner attention. His very shifty, very elusive off the dribble and has the know-how of when too impose his will. His perimeter shooting is highly effective. He’s made strides to increase his beyond the arc range. He’s still on the market and would be a glove-fit for a high-level Division-II program which needs a heady, traffic-directing guard.

“He’s very good at handling the ball, taking care of it, shooting the ball and doing all of those important things as a guard,” said TFA head coach Chris Mayberry. “He’s pretty steady, I just enjoyed having him on the team as far as knowing we wouldn’t have any trouble having someone handling the ball. When we’re locked in and playing at our best, we’re as good as anyone in the area that’s not nationally ranked. Greg was obviously a big part of that.”

Mick Lynott, Calvary Christian

Though he was relegated to the role of spectator due to a nagging injury, Lynott was a sheer playmaker this past season. A well-built, bullish guard, he’s a hard-driving 5-foot-11 guard who is constantly in attack mode. As a lead guard who sparks the break and facilitates the offense, he’s got quickness and reliable ball handling.

Jay Medor, Lake Worth

The 5-foot-9 guard is a smooth, crafty facilitator who constantly plays with his eyes up. Offensively, he’s a gifted scorer with an arsenal of stepbacks, thorough finishes, and timely shots. Medor put together several performances of double digit assists this season. He’s as poised as any guard in the state in the fourth quarter, where he rises up during moments of heightened pressure.

Isaiah Walley-Stack, NTSI Orlando

The Australian combo guard has become a better on-ball defender and showed vastly improved 3-point shooting. While he still needs to develop a sturdy handle at 5-foot-10, he’s got the poised 3-point touch and work ethic to play at the collegiate level. The reason he’s appealing to coaches is because of his desire to be good and outwork other guys at his level.

Marlon Suarez, Hialeah Gardens

The 6-foot guard is extremely difficult to stay in front of. He’s got a whole array of one on one moves and can really glide to the rim and score. He’s shifty, competitive, and knows how to be a leader out there. While he’s battled with bouts of inconsistency regarding his jump shot, he’s a steady facilitating and scoring presence who is very coachable. The fact that he’s in the gym early and often and wants to continue to get better is certainly appealing.

Ty Quiroz, Ridgewood

He might not look like much at first, but don’t let that spindly frame fool you. Quiroz is an advanced scorer with a vast variety of stepbacks, pull-ups, and the ability to create space for himself off the dribble. He’s got a feathery shot and can finish in the open court with a full head of steam.