Posted On: 06/20/18 9:00 AM

Here is a look at the top Class of 2019 wings from last weekend’s Lindenwood University Team Camp in St. Charles, MO.

Jason Montgomery 6’4″ Marquette

The talented combo seems to be fully recovered from a foot injury that cost him much of the spring action. His strength and versatile skill set makes him a matchup problem. He is a beast in the post with his offensive rebounding, but his perimeter game is at the point where you can call him a big shooting guard. Very talented package.


A’Tavian Butler 6’2″ McCluer North

Physical wing player who led the Stars to the championship of the Gold Division. He dominated the action inside of 10 feet with his athleticism and ability to finish around the basket by just jumping over defenders. He is a relentless competitor on both ends who grabs way more than his share of rebounds for his size.


Donovan Clay 6’6″ Alton (IL)

A long, athletic wing player who has grown in stature over his career and his game has continued to grow along with it. He still has those ball handling and perimeter skills of the little guard he was when he entered high school. He has a high basketball IQ and has the ability to score from 3-point range or getting to the basket.


Malik Smith 6’3″ Alton (IL)

An electric wing player with a nice combination of slick handles, quickness and scoring ability from three levels. His highlight came on Friday when he hit a 3-pointer in the closing seconds to beat McCluer North in pool play. His one-on-one offensive game is excellent and he does it in the flow of a balanced team full of good offensive players.


Elijah Hicks 6’3″ Jennings

A physical wing player who is difficult to match up with because of his ability and willingness to go inside and muscle smaller players in the low post. He also enjoys the action on the perimeter when he is one of the team’s primary ball handlers. He can attack the basket, and make enough 3-pointers to keep the defense honest.


Avery Taggert 6’4″ Eureka

A recent Southern University football commit, AT still loves the action on the basketball court. On a team full of new and younger teammates, he must do a little more heavy lifting in all facets of the game and with his on-court leadership. On offense, he is a mutli-faceted player who can knock down 3-pointers, score in spin moves to the hoop and be successful from the mid-range.


Isaiah Ervin 6’2″ Alton Marquette (IL)

A slim, lanky wing player who has a very impressive set of offensive tools. Despite his thin frame, he is still very adept at slivering through the lane in traffic to finish shots the the rim at different angles. He is a very creative scorer who can use his slick handles to get separation from his defender and knock down perimeter shots in a smooth manner.


Michael Terry 6’1″ Jennings

A transfer from Arkansas, Terry will step in an be an impact player at Jennings with his ability to get buckets, which is needed with the graduation of All-State guard Kyle Younge. He is a solid offensive player who can get to the basket and create shots off the dribble. He is also very good in the transition game.


Josh Anderson 5’10 St. Charles West

He may not look the part of a prototype shooting guard because he’s under 6 feet and has a stocky build, but this young man can get buckets. He was very good on Sunday as he did an excellent job of knocking down 3-pointers, but also creating buckets from the mid-range an on floaters. Don’t judge a book by its cover because this young man can play.


Josh Willenbrink 6’2″ St. Dominic

This solid shooting guard had a very impressive weekend at Lindenwood with his consistent play on the offensive end. He is a strong kid who is solid in all facets of the game. He made open 3-pointers, rebounded well and did a nice job passing the ball. He is constantly moving on offense and his high motor led to good productivity.