Posted On: 06/2/18 10:12 PM

Nine games were played on Saturday at Lakewood Ranch High.

Alongside host Lakewood Ranch, Gibbs, Bartow, Plant City, Riverview and Lehigh all competed in the shootout.

Here is a look at the notable performances.

Malachi Wideman (Riverview)

The top player on the day was 2020 Riverview guard Malachi Wideman. He had a slew of dunks including one against Bartow where his legs wound up hanging on the kid’s neck. Wideman has ups and his stroke from outside is a thing of beauty. He was having his way on Saturday and is awfully hard to slow down even when faced with a double team.

Bryce Brown (Gibbs)

The younger brother of Kansas State star Barry Brown, Bryce transferred to Gibbs from Lakewood this summer. Brown had a growth spurt and is around 5’10” now. He’s shooting the ball well from outside and his form is polished, so when given time to set his feet, he is a dangerous piece.

JD Daughtry (Bartow)

All the coaches were talking about 2019 Bartow point guard JD Daughtry. Smooth with the ball in his hands, Daughtry is an undersized but hard nosed point man who keeps his unit in check and never backs down from a challenge.

Quinton Desamours (Lehigh)

As a sophomore, Quinton Desamours was already a team captain for Lehigh. The 2020 guard played like a leader on Saturday, constantly taking the ball to the hoop off the dribble and hitting open shots. Desamours plays with a purpose and has a focus about him.

Jayven Millien (Riverview)

A true college prospect already, Jayven Millien is a rising sophomore who is around 6’6″ currently. The 2021 forward is unsure of himself at times, but with more playing time and training, he’ll get it going. Millien needs to learn the basketball lingo, but he has long arms and legs and is beyond athletic.

Joshua Simons (Bartow)

A tough minded rebounder and inside presence, Joshua Simons is a nice fit for Bartow’s mindset. The Yellow Jackets seem to never give up and they always play as a team. Simons is a 2020 guard/forward who plays bigger than his frame and with strength.

Christian Shaneyfelt (Lakewood Ranch)

It seems as if Christian Shaneyfelt is ready to take the next step as a leader and energy setter for Lakewood Ranch. Transferring there a year ago, the 2020 forward joined a seasoned team filled with talent. Shaneyfelt is improving by the day.

Emmanuel Baez (Plant City)

Emmanuel Baez is a 2020 guard/wing who hustles for boards, passes well and has a nice feel for the floor. On a Plant City team lacking a true point guard right now, Baez handled the ball nicely off inside feeds and made the most of his touches.

David Mazon (Riverview)

A lengthy 2021 forward, David Mazon is part of a deep group of athletes at Riverview. He puts the ball up off the glass with strength and focus. Mazon fits the bill for a fast and hard working Rams team.