Intro: Keydrian Jones (2020)


Posted On: 06/23/18 6:00 AM

Collinsville 2020 6’6” center Keydrian Jones is a wide bodied post that has nimble footwork down low and is very mobile for his size.  He gets deep post position and carves out space on the interior.  Soft touch around the hoop.  Shaky free throw shooter.  Intriguing as a wide bodied center with some skill down low.  D2 upside and could be more if he grows!

Jones broke down his sophomore season at Collinsville.

“It was pretty good.  I feel like we have a young team, but we did some good things.  People counted us out.  We played hard every game and gave it all we had.  We didn’t go as far as we wanted, but it is a start.”

He is a very good athlete for his size that also plays football at defensive end and offensive tackle.  What does he feel he does well on the court?

“I am a good rebounder.  I play hard and aggressive.  I hustle.  Try to help my team out.  I am not a selfish player.”

Jones is a key member of Gateway Illinois’ 16U group.

“I love playing with this team.  I play with a lot of these guys during the high school season so we are building a great chemistry for the school season.  I have a good coach that teaches me a lot of things I didn’t know previously.”