Intro: Beau Frericks (2020)


Posted On: 06/10/18 3:00 PM

Cary Grove 6’0” 2020 point guard Beau Frericks can really shoot the basketball!  He has a crisp pull up game that he sets up with strong shot fakes.  Clean release from both mid-range and three.  Knock down shooting point guard that is fundamentally sound.  Toughness on the defensive end as well.

He talked with PHI about his sophomore season.

“It was pretty good.  We started off a little slow and then picked it up.  I think I had a good sophomore season averaging about 15 points per game.  It was overall a good learning experience.”

What does he bring to the table as a player?

“I bring a lot of energy to the game.  I am a good shooter.  Play well with others and get guys involved.  I am a good defender.”

This spring he played with Team RWA 16U putting himself on the map.  What did he see as his role?

“We have a good role in scoring.  I bring tenacity on defense and can get to the rim.”