Hoops we did it again tournament: Day one standouts

High School

Posted On: 06/4/18 9:32 AM

Some of the area’s best players came out to compete at day one of Hoops we did it again in Phoenix. Here are five players that stood out:

Donovan Reagan: Team Wygant Elite

TWE’s Donovan Reagan

As TWE went undefeated on the first day, Donovan Reagan had several highlight plays, including back-to-back baseline jams on consecutive possessions. Reagam consistently put his back to the basket and hit post moves over both shoulders from the low block. On defense, he provided excellent rim protection, and swatted a couple blocks into the bleachers.


R.J. Tate: Apache Outkast

Apache Outkast’s R.J. Tate

Though undersized against most of the tournament’s teams, Tate was able to get into the paint at will and create plays for his teammates, while causing havoc on defense for opposing guards. His go-to move, a silky pull-up jumper from mid-range, was falling all night.



Rashad Smith: Inspire

Inspire’s Rashad Smith

When Inspire needed a quick bucket, Rashad Smith delivered, hitting three-pointers from both corners all night. He played a bit of a point-forward, handling the ball on offense as a big man, but anchored the defense in the paint.



Jayin Trumball: EYG (Oklahoma)

EYG (Oklahoma) forward Jayin Trumball


Hustle shows in basketball, especially at the high school level, and that is what Trumball contributed in both of day one’s games. He boxed out better than just about anybody, providing second-chance opportunities on offense, and ending possessions on defense with quality rebounds. In the first game, against Inspire, Trumball was instrumental in a last-second stop that saw EYG win 55-54 at the buzzer.


Jaylin Fleming: Team Wygant Elite

TWE’s Jaylin Fleming

Jaylin Fleming consistently turned defense into offense, using his athleticism and long arms to steal the ball from opposing guards and finishing with easy lay ups on the other end. As a tall guard, Fleming got into the paint at will, and proved nearly unstoppable at the rim.