GVSU Shootout Session III: 2020 Standouts


Posted On: 06/25/18 6:00 AM

The third installment of GVSU’s four June shootouts was a huge success! The event allowed forty-five teams to prepare for their winter seasons and hundreds of players to showcase their skills. I spent the majority of my Friday and some of Saturday on the Lakers’ campus and got to see loads of talent. Below are players from the Class of 2020 who had an impressive weekend!

Jimmy Scholler – 6’4 – PG/CG – Forest Hills Central

In a tight game, Scholler went absolutely insane in the second-half, single-handedly creating the gap that would be too much to overcome. This sequence stands out in my mind as the best stretch by a single player I saw on the weekend! He started it by hitting a three from deep off a pass. Then, on the next two possessions, he dribbled into two more deep (and contested) threes. After one of the them, he got a steal which turned into a transition dunk. Finally, he capped off this three-minute span with an assist to a teammate for three more points. This sequence showed Scholler at his best. He is athletic, he can shoot the lights out, he can score at the rim and from outside, and he does a great job finding teammates. He currently holds an offer from the defending D2 national champs, and I think this July could be a huge one for him!

Jarvis Walker – 6′ – PG/CG – Mona Shores

Walker is another point/combo guard like Scholler; however, the two are very different. I would describe Walker more as methodical off the dribble because he is not super fast. However, the kid is extremely strong and extremely skilled. He had easily the strongest build of any other guard in attendance, and it was pure muscle. He did take defenders off the dribble, and his strength made him difficult to stop heading downhill. As a scorer, he finished from all over; he made a lot around the rim and proved to be a deadly shooter from both midrange and three. In one game I watched him play, he opened scoring going 3/3 from beyond the arc. Walker has offers from some strong D2 schools and is consistently impressive.

Ethan Alderink – 6’6 – SF – Holland Christian

pc – The Holland Sentinel

As the most talented and well-rounded individual for a good Holland Christian team, Alderink leads by doing it all. He can score on all three levels. Often, he would receive the ball around the arc or would bring it up himself, then he would make the choice to shoot the three or give his defender a few dribbles before driving in. Obviously, his height lends itself well to finishing inside. He can score off a drive from the perimeter or a post up, and each is effective. He can beat his defender, control placement of ball and body, and/or shake a defender in a post up. Additionally, he has some athleticism that was put to good use on drives and came out on defense with an electrifying block off the backboard. Other contributions came in the forms of steals and vocal leadership. 

Mitch Wilkinson – 6’4 – SF/SG – Forest Hills Central

Though in somewhat of a shadow playing alongside Scholler, Wilkinson got my attention a few times and had consistent play. It was Wilkinson who gave Scholler the assist to cap off his glorious three minutes. His has a smooth stroke, and he shot very consistently off the catch for that whole game. He also displayed athleticism with one or two dunks and a block I caught on Friday. Finally, he did well driving contested to the basket, beating defenders and drawing contact. He has been and will be a very dangerous shooting threat for the Rangers come winter.

Bryce Nyboer – 6’5 – SF – Allendale

Bryce Nyboer is an interesting player. He does not have the handle looked for in a great point guard, but the kid consistently brings the ball up for the Hawks. Often this is because he of his activity on defensive boards; he grabs the rebounds and immediately goes. However, his teammates also treat him as the go-to to run the point. I guess this makes sense because he is a scoring threat from all three levels. The past two events I have seen him play, he has played consistently–maybe even improved. He can shoot from the midrange and three, and his height and touch do great inside. He also gets rebounds, as mentioned, and can block and alter shots. Small colleges should take notice now; with development, bigger ones may be calling down the line.

Solomon White – 6’2 – CG – Forest Hills Eastern

White was one of the first players I ever scouted. I saw him in a fall league late last year, and what I picked up then remains consistent. His offensive strengths are the ability to shoot the midrange jumper at close to if not over 50%, as well as finish around the rim. Driving from the wing or baseline, he gets near the rim off the dribble and finishes or gets himself to the line, even when the layup is sent up from an untraditional angle. I’ve also noticed he’s not afraid of contact and sacrificing his body. Whether he draws contact driving to the rim, takes a charge (which he did), or gets on the floor for a loose ball, White will put his body on the line to win battles.

Ryan Corner – 6’9 – PF/C – Allendale

Corner’s height is his strength and makes him a huge asset for the Hawks. Double-doubles should be common place for him as he grabs a lot of rebounds. He also can put the ball in the basket and block or alter shots, dominating at times because opponents can’t respond to his height. He needs to be a bit stronger as some posts are able to get him out of position, but even then, fouling him is much easier than actually contesting him, and he makes his free throws. Over the weekend, I got to see more of his low post game as he dribbled into moves to get by defenders or put the ball in from different angles. Corner’s future with the Hawks and beyond looks to be a promising one!