Great Plains Alliance: The Predictions


Posted On: 06/27/18 10:31 AM

Who is going to win the big games this weekend up in St. Cloud?  Prep Hoops attempts to give you our predictions today!

***These predictions are based on the assumption that all of these teams will have their players but that of course won’t be the case.  This is time of year where teams are still playing in high school events with team camps being a key factor.  Many Upper Midwest teams are headed to the Northern Iowa Team Camp.  I’m sure there will also be an injury or two that holds somebody out.

***We have added the state ranking next to each team (NHR rankings and PHD Rankings, Wisconsin doesn’t have team rankings)



17U Sweet 16

#8 Comets Lewis vs #15 Fury Kaupa

#8 ND Phenom vs #3 ECI Prospects


#5 WOTN vs #14 Crossfire Belle

#9 SE MN Lightning vs WI Playground Warriors


#1 SD Attack vs #16 Select Leafblad

#11 Heat MacDonald vs #7 Comets K


WI Shooters vs #17 Comets DLR

#3 Fury Wilde vs #6 Heat Nelson



Elite Eight

Comets Lewis vs ECI Prospects

WOTN vs WI Playground Warriors


SD Attack vs Heat MacDonald

Fury Wilde vs Comets DLR


Final Four

Comets Lewis vs WOTN

SD Attack vs Fury Wilde


16U Sweet 16

#4 Comets Elite vs #19 Heat West

#24 Select Okafor vs #15 SW MN Stars


#6 Fury Kline vs #17 Northern Lakers

#13 Select Koch vs WI Shooters


#5 WOTN vs #21 D1 MN Rise

#9 Matrix vs #11 Select Cave


#6 ECI Prospects vs #2 ND Alliance

#1 SD Attack vs WI Playmakers


Elite Eight

Comets Elite vs SW MN Stars

Fury Kline vs Select Koch


WOTN vs Select Cave

ND Alliance vs SD Attack


Final Four

Comets Elite vs Fury Kline

WOTN vs SD Attack